14 March 2017

11 Months Later, Calvin Robert!

Eleven months of my sweet, sweet Calvin!

I honestly am having a hard time believing he will be one the next time I write a monthly update. I simultaneously feel as though we JUST had Calvin and as though he has been here forever.

So much changes in the first year and it is a tough year as a parent - especially with an older toddler running around. Little sleep is had. Lots of adjustments are made. The time just somehow gets away from you and it seems as though you blink and the squishy, tiny, sleeping newborn is a crawling, babbling, toddler-child right before your very eyes.

This past month you and Theo started successfully sharing a room and it is the sweetest thing ever. I am pretty sure both of you sleep better now that you're together. Big bro likes to keep an eye on you and always lets us know when "Cal Cal sad" or "Cal Cal crying."

 {click to enlarge}

These two are the best of buds and they just cannot get enough of one another!

How long will that last?!
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