13 January 2017

Calvin turns 9 Months and His First Christmas

 Another month has come and gone. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that my little Calvin will be a YEAR old in just 3 short months. The first year of life is such a milestone for parents and I cannot believe it is coming up so quickly.

Of course, it's a milestone for the child as well as there are so many changes in their life in such a short time.  My little guy is growing like a weed, getting new teeth every week, and really cruising all over our furniture. 

I have been saying for months (really, years) now that I want 4 children and after I turn 30 this April we can really think about trying for baby 3 However, these last couple weeks both Calvin and Theo were terribly sick and with both boys active and moving all over the place, I began wondering if maybe our 2 boys will be it. I sometimes feel torn between wanting another and also wanting to get onto the next stage of life - growing up, no more pregnancies/babies/etc. So who knows. They say you just know when you're done.. so maybe I will know...

Here is my sweet boy's update:

As you can see, he is as smiley as ever and he is really starting to get a little personality. His big brother still runs the show (attention hog anyone?!), but Calvin isn't letting big bro push him to the side. He is a giggly little one who still loves being held, being read to, and now he loves to eat solids!

He also celebrated his first Christmas a few weeks ago and let me tell you that day flew by. I host a breakfast in the morning with my immediate family and then around noon my extended family comes over for lunch, so I was a bit busy running around and cooking all day to snap too many pictures, but here are a few ones I gathered up:

We all go out to dinner on Christmas Eve!

Then early to rise for presents:

We also got a surprise gift...
My soon-to-be sister in law asked me and my sisters to be bridesmaids in her wedding!!
And my brother asked Parker to be his best man!

It was a long day but around 4pm Tina, Weezil, Parker and I decided to head down to Foxwoods and surprise my brother and his fiance for the night! They headed down earlier for a little getaway and we thought it would be a fun surprise to just show up! My mom and aunt Shirley put the boys down for bed and babysat while we headed down. It was so much fun! Such a great night :)

This month we are getting back into our work schedules and planning out a whole new year of fun and adventure! 

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