14 October 2016

Calvin is HALF A YEAR OLD!

My big one turned 2 and then two days later my little one turned 6 months old.
Time flies.

Can we just look at this smile:

My goodness this kid melts my heart! He is the friendliest, sweetest little munchkin I ever did know. He makes us ALL laugh over here in the Jones household and puts the biggest smiles on our faces. He still is as quiet and calm as ever - half the time you could walk right by and not notice he were there (believe me, ask my brother and sisters), but once you notice him he will be waiting to greet you with that big, toothless grin!

He is starting to really bounce around in his bouncy seat and his favorite activity is still watching his big brother do anything and everything. Nothing gets him more excited. 

He is a pro at grabbing things - mostly his feet and my hair - and he holds on REALLY tight. His 6 month appointment is on Tuesday and we are excited to see just how large this kid really is because he is already wearing 12 month clothes and he seems a lot bigger than Theo was... and Theo was big...

This month has been busy, busy with parties and events and lots of germs and colds. This next month I will be heading to NYC for the weekend and leaving the boys with dada all by himself for a few days. You think he can handle it?! ;)

I did a week with just the two munchkins so I think he will be just fine!

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