11 July 2016

Calvin Robert is Three Months!

Calvin, you are still sweet as pie!

Laid back
Quiet (unless hangry)

Those all still describe you and we are so thankful for that. 

On the whole you are a great sleeper (some nights given us 7-8 hours in a row). Although you will throw us for a loop and be super needy every once in a while. I guess you can have a pass.. since you're still a baby and all ;)

We are going on our first family vacation tomorrow and while I will inside a conference room for half of it, you will be exploring Disney World with your brother, dad, aunt TT, and Grammy! I will be joining in on the fun later in the week.

I have been busy packing over here and planning your dada's 30th birthday which is next month! So here is a little photo dump of your 3 month pictures:

and this is what your big bro has been up to:
pizza face, toy animals, and sand toys indoors.
Sums it up.

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