13 June 2016

Calvin turns 2 months old!

You are such a little love who likes to be carted around in someone's arms so you don't miss out on any of the fun. This past month your sleep has been continuing to get better and better. You'll give us a 5.5 hour stretch, drink a quick bottle, and then give us another 4-5 hour stretch. You are cooing up a storm and love when people talk to you. 

You aren't the biggest fan of tummy time and will let out little yelps if we leave you there too long (who wouldn't really?!). If we flip you onto your back you will make all sorts of fun noises at the butterflies in your little activity garden. You are also pretty good at punching the animals that hang above your head.

You already think your big brother is the coolest thing going and smile every time he comes over to you. He loves to run over to wherever you're sitting and yell "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Cal Cal!!!!" with a huge grin on his face. 

This past month you have met your Poppa, congratulated your aunt TT on graduating college, and watched your dada do all sorts of fun outdoor projects! This next month we will be enjoying some playdates with new friends that were just born and just relaxin' during the sweet summer before our trip to Disney!

Here are some photos of you, my love:

Big bro just hadddddd to be a part of the fun ;)

Theo on the left during his 2 month photo shoot! Crazy!
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