11 May 2016

Calvin is one month old!


How have you only been our life for a month?! It feels like you've been here forever!
You are such a perfect fit into our little puzzle piece of a family. It seems to me that you may have your dad's laid back attitude about life, while your big bro may have gotten a little bit of drama from his mother.... woops!

You are so laid back and sweet I could just cuddle you all day! In fact, I did for the first two weeks of your life. I just want to hold you and smell you and take in every second of your little newborn life because already I have blinked and you are no longer a newborn. You are already changing into a little human and I can't wait to see you develop!

You are 11.2 lbs and 22 inches and you are growing like a weed! Keep it up big guy! You are sleeping 4-4.5 hours at night (hallelujah!) and your dada sleeps downstairs on the couch to take care of you because, well, he's amazing. Your mother does not do well without sleep and your dad is basically Superman. You'll learn that soon enough.

This past month you have met and been loved on by everyone in my family and you had a special visit from your Cha Cha! In this next month you will get a fun visit from your Papa too!

Here are a bunch of pictures of you, because I think you're adorable and your face cracks me up. Your older brother made crazy faces ALL day long. You tend to have the same look in your eyes all day no matter what is happening.

I can't wait to see how you've changed next month!!!

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