28 April 2016

Theo is 18 months!

My little baby is well into toddlerhood and boy, oh boy is he a wild one!

Hence why as I was looking through photos of him from the past month I could barely find any in which he wasn't making a ridiculous face or running around so fast that the picture was blurry. Videos much more accurately represent my little man these days. So many thanks to my sister, Tina, for snagging the cute one above! 

Toddlerhood is a crazy time and Theo definitely has more energy than I can keep up with! Here is what our days look like at this point in time (and ya... There's too much TV... But such is life with 2 kids under 2)

7am - wake up & watch an episode of Daniel Tiger while eating breakfast

8am - run around the main floor grabbing anything and everything we can get our hands on (keys, spoons, stamps, kitchen shears...)

9am - dada wakes up, let's play with him in the playroom - farm animal toys with noises, building towers to knock them down, yelling at the top of our lungs, etc.

10am - bang on gates to get out of the playroom while yelling SNACK, EAT, POUCH, PUFFS, MILK!!!!!!!! Yes, master.

11am - watch another episode of Daniel Tiger and get ready for nap

12-3pm - Nap... oh wait, we look at DropCam and realize Theo has taken off his pants and sometimes his diaper... go in and change him... pray he takes a nap... most of the time we get lucky

3pm - hear Theo kicking his crib and yelling, "BOOK, SMOOTHIE, BOOK, SMOOTHIE" so we get him a book and smoothie while he watches Sesame Street

4pm - walk/park/outside playtime. Meltdown when we leave.

5pm - dinner... which is hit or miss these days

6pm - more playroom time

7pm - bed... aka kick our crib and make lion noises until we pass out (8pm)

**Please add cries or yells for no apparent reason to the schedule every 15 minutes or so**

Of course, in the midst of all that we have been adjusting to life with TWO babies and have been in and out of doctor's appointments! Theo, with his ear infection, was an absolute wreck for the last 10 days of my pregnancy. He needed lots of love and medicine. He also had his neuro appointment to address something we had been keeping an eye one for the last year or so. Around 4 months old, I would notice that Theo would involuntarily shake at random times throughout the day. Sometimes it would just be one hand, other times it would be his whole body. These shakes would last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes and would completely freak me out. I didn't see the shakes for a longgggg time and had forgotten about them until around a year I started seeing them more often so we went to the doc and after seeing a few videos he referred us to a pediatric neurologist. I was very anxious about it all, but after we saw the neurologist last week she believes that his tremors are benign and are nothing to seriously worry about. Although it can look scary and may never have a diagnosed "cause", based on his actions and awareness during the tremors, she believes our little Theo will be just fine. As long as the tremors don't begin to interfere with his motor skills or daily activities, we are in the clear! Of course we will be keeping an eye out and have follow ups scheduled with the neurologist to discuss progress but that is the best new we could've heard and that is what we were hoping she would say after all the research we looked into surrounding tremors in children! 

Wiping sweat off brow...

Now that that's all settled, we can continue on with our daily activities and we have lots to look forward over the next few months!

Parker's mom just visited and met sweet Calvin. Parker's dad is coming to visit at the end of May. We are all going to Disney World in July and we are bringing my mom and sister, Tina, to help take care of the kiddos! Parker is turning 30 in August and I am taking another school year off next year to stay home with my boys. YAHOO! Lastly, I will leave you with a few picture of the past couple weeks:

 Our photo as a family of 4!

 Finally loving his little bro!

 Yep... that look on his face sums up how he felt about meeting Calvin for the first time!

 Facetiming with Grammy and TT... and wondering what the hell his foot is doing in his hands...

Running all over.

Being an airplane with Grammy!

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