18 April 2016

Calvin Robert Jones - Birth Story

Calvin Robert Jones waited 6 days after his due date to make his way into the world and when he decided to arrive... he came very, very quickly.

My little man - thank you Lightshed for the newborn photos!

Here is his birth story.

It was Sunday, April 10, 2016 and around 3-4am I felt some very light contractions while I was sleeping. I got pretty excited and waited to see if they turned into anything. They stopped, I fell back asleep and woke up around 8 thinking another day had passed without Calvin's arrival.

In the morning my mom, sister, grandma and papa came over after church to spend some time with Theo. We ate, laughed, played around and joked about when Calvin would choose to come on out of his comfy womb!

Around lunch time, my sister and I were feeling goofy and decided to make this little video to show our love on siblings day:
As you can see, I was feeling perfectly fine and not "labor-y" at all!

Maybe the dancing did the trick because around 2pm I lost my mucus plug {Public Service Announcement: if you do not already know what this is, do not look it up... it is a gross, pregnant thing} which can be a sign of labor. Even though that sounds exciting, I knew that many women lose their mucus plug days and even weeks before real labor starts, so I tried not to get my hopes up.

However, a short hour later and those light contractions started back so my sister and husband helped me start timing them. We timed them for about an hour and they were coming every 7-10 minutes! I was secretly getting very excited that I may be in early labor and it would be hospital time in another 5-10 hours or so! They were not painful AT ALL, more just uncomfortable and crampy, which was something I had never experienced with Theo.

Around 4:30 we decided to call my midwife and see what she had to say. I had one, and only one, item on my "birth plan" this time around and that was to get my epidural before I reached the amount of pain I was in when I was with Theo. I knew what it felt like and I did NOT want it. I wanted to hang in my bed and relax for a bit before I had to push another baby out.

By the time I spoke to my midwife the contractions were about 5-7 minutes apart and getting slightly more uncomfortable. She said that since we live 25 minutes away, my contractions were consistent, and I wanted the epidural that I should come in to get checked. They maternity ward was on the slower side that night so they set aside a room for me and told me to make my way over. It was go time people.. at least I hoped!

Parker and I got our car packed up, called my mom, and gave Theo lots of hugs and kisses before heading to the hospital. I could tell in the car that the contractions were starting to pick up and I was more sure that this was not false labor... I knew I was going to have Calvin sometime in the next 12 hours.

When we arrived at the hospital I grabbed my bags and we walked right up to the labor and delivery floor without even stopping for my contractions. I officially checked in at 5:55pm, got the monitor set up for Calvin and started my admission questions with my nurse. I was told that the midwife would come in to check me in about 15 minutes.

Around 6:15, my midwife came in and let me know I was 3cm along... which wasn't that exciting since I was already 2.5cm at my regular appointment a few days earlier. That being said in the 15 minutes I had been laying there my contractions were about 4 minutes apart and had started getting stronger. She let me know I came in at the perfect time for an epidural and my nurse would set me up with an IV, I could walk around for a little, and call the anesthesiologist whenever I was ready! Wahoo!

After she left, things started picking up. My IV went in quickly and I continued answering questions but now I was huffing and puffing through my contractions and I was getting ready to ask for an epidural. I walked around a little bit to try and ease some of the pain, but had to grab onto Parker, look him in the eyes and donkey-breathe (HOOOOOO-HEEEEEEEE-HAWWWWWWW) my way through each contraction. My nurse agreed that things were ramping up quite fast and that we should call for the anesthesiologist.

They let me know that he had been paged and it would take about 15-20 minutes for him to arrive.. I thought that was okay and that I could make it through until he got there. The pain was now equal to, if not surpassing, what it was with Theo and those damn contractions were coming every 2 minutes or less. I was getting annoyed that it had happened so quickly since I wanted the relief before I reached this point! By the time the anesthesiologist arrived I needed both Parker and my nurse to get me through each contraction and I was starting to get scared and a bit confused about how quickly the pain picked up.

I had never been so happy when I saw the anesthesiologist walk through the door. He didn't have the most pleasant demeanor and could see that I was in a LOT of pain at that time so they started setting everything up quickly. In order to administer the epidural I had to sit on the edge of the bed and be very still. Well, that was extremely difficult at this point because the pain of each contraction was now far beyond what I had with Theo. The contractions were 30 seconds apart and I was seriously freaking out. The only thing that was getting me through each one was knowing that there was an amazing medicine about to go into my back and the pain would disappear.

Parker had to move out of the way while the nurse had me hug a pillow and then she hugged me so I could be as still as possible. By this time, I could see Parker's feet out of the corner of my eye and I was in so much pain I could barely hear his voice talking me through it. My amazing nurse was talking in my ear and encouraging me through each screaming contraction. And yes... I was literally screaming at this point. I was in so much pain I hadn't realized that they got the port in my back and now he was finally getting ready to give me my drugs!

I couldn't be happy about it though because right then I felt a POP and my water broke. I was in some alternate universe of endless pain. There were now NO breaks in between each contraction and instead, it was one continuous screaming and moaning game I was playing. I was really, really scared at that point and had no idea what was happening to my body. Just give me the drugs was all I could think! Make it go away!!

That's when my nurse said the scariest thing I had ever heard.
She looked me right in the eyes and very clearly said,
{I found out later that this was the point in which I visibly changed and lost any last control I may have had... gulp}

But seriously.... PUSH!?!?
Less than an hour ago, I was 3cm and smiling happy on my hospital bed... now I was in some sort of torture chamber and someone is telling me I might have to PUSH?! This was way too much for me to handle and I made that clear. I was sobbing and sobbing and saying "I didn't want to do this... It wasn't supposed to be like this... I can't do it!"

She must have known that was coming because right after she said it I screamed so loudly with my next contraction and apparently my body was ready to push... because it did... as I was still sitting up... and the port for my epidural was still in my back... without any medicine.

At that point I knew there was a lot happening in the room but I couldn't even tell you what was going on. So many nurses and doctors had showed up and apparently the anesthesiologist was now just standing in the corner packing everything up because... ya... there wasn't any time.

They had rolled me on my back and I heard one of many people say... there's the head.
Cue: more screaming and crying. Please note that the most painful part of my last birth was the pushing and I had an epidural... so now these crazy people were telling me I was going to have to do this without one.

I believe this is when I was yelling "no, no, no, no, no, I can't do it!!" My eyes were closed and I remember hearing a familiar voice - it was my sweet family friend, Tammy, who happened to have been my nurse when I delivered Theo. She was looking right at me and I told her one last time, "I cannot do this" through streams of tears running down my face. She told me plain as day, that I was about to have this baby right now and I COULD do it and I WILL do it, now it was time for me to listen to the midwife.

And just like that the midwife yelled PUSH! and out came Calvin's head. Then I pushed again and his body was out. Then they lay sweet Calvin's body on my chest and I was a state of complete and utter shock. All the pain was gone and my son was just lying there. I looked up at everyone that was there and kept repeating, "what just happened?!" over and over, which they kept laughing at and saying how I had done a amazing job - HA! I sure didn't feel like I had done anything "amazing" at the time. The epidural port was still hanging out of my back and apparently the anesthesiologist got outta there just in time and would come back later to get everything lol. I heard he looked a bit scared with everything that was going on.

It was 7:18pm. We had been at the hospital for less than an hour and a half!!

Our sweet boy weighed 7lbs, 5 oz and was 20 inches long.

Parker and I just looked at one another and Calvin in silence, loving our new baby, and still trying to figure out what had just taken place. I was supposed to have gotten my epidural, laid in bed, sent a few snap chats to family and friends, and spent some time with my hubs! Apparently Calvin didn't want to wait!

Now I should add that I am ALL for women choosing to have an all natural birth - go on with your bad self - it just wasn't exactly what I would have chosen. I had pushed myself with Theo and knew that I didn't want to this time around.

I can tell you that if we ever have a third, I will be camped out at my hospital from week 39 on!

Although it was quite horrific of an experience for me, there were some great perks:
1. We didn't stay in the hospital long at all
2. Labor wasn't long and drawn out... obviously
3. The healing process is like non-existent. I was up and walking minutes after birth and felt (and still feel) like nothing ever happened "down there"
4. Parker was simply amazing. He was terrified to see me in a state like that and he was such a support throughout the whole endeavor - even when I asked the nurses to get him a toothbrush and toothpaste because he had stale breath... he he he... oops!
5. And, of course, Calvin Robert Jones. Like a bolt of lightning he arrived and has taken over our hearts.

Right after he was born!

Dada snuggles

A side-by-side of my two boys the day they were born.
Theo on the left, Calvin on the right!

We are so lucky and just enjoying every second of our two boys as we try to adjust to being a family of 4!

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  1. Congratulations! I had a similar birth last year, although it was my first...

    Enjoy your new bundle of joy!