21 March 2016

Awaiting Calvin

Here we are... officially 2 weeks away from my due date!

Baby Calvin will be here before we know it and in the meantime we are enjoying every last second we can with Theo. While I am so excited to add another little boy to our family, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a bit sad that Theo won't be our one and only anymore.

The biggest news from this past month has been that our little, breech Calvin finally flipped at the last minute!! He had been upside down since 28 weeks and my midwife was giving him until 36 weeks to flip around before we would try an ECV or a "version" where two OBs try and manually turn him head down. That was a procedure I had researched and really didn't want to do if I didn't have to and lucky me.. Calvin finally flipped on his own right before my 36 week appointment and as of now (knock on wood) he has remained that way! We were very, very relieved.
This was me for about 6 weeks trying to get Calvin to flip! I went on long walks, hung upside down off the couch, stuck my pelvis in the air, and sat on my exercise ball A LOT.

A few weekends ago, I got together with a few New England blogging friends who threw us a baby shower - there were SIX of us who are pregnant and due between April-July!
I have met so many other teachers and bloggers through my teacher blog over the past 4 years and I am so thankful for the relationships I have made. Every year I continue to meet new and inspiring teachers!

My mom and sister also planned a little sprinkle for Calvin last weekend which was just perfect!
 My aunts, my cousin, Meghan, and baby Abby!

 Papa and Theo!

Grandma and Shirley!

Shayshay, Laura, me and T enjoying brunch... and lots of dessert ;)

Just me & my boys!

 Kids squad minus Parks

Tina surprised me with cookies from my favorite cookie artist, The Painted Pastry!
I mean, seriously, how cute are those cookies?! And they taste delicious!!

She also made these for me to bring to the blogger baby shower:

My mom has also been kind enough to take Theo one night a weekend so Parks and I can enjoy some much needed date nights before baby Calvin arrives. We recently found a local board game cafe that is so much fun! We have been trying new restaurants then heading to board game cafe for coffee, cookies, and a few hours of fun board games:

As you can see we've been enjoying life while we await our second son's arrival!

We are also *almost* finished with the boys shared room... just waiting for a few more decorative pieces to go on sale from Land of Nod ;) I will share that once its finished... which realistically may not be finished until after Calvin's arrival!
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