11 December 2015

The Last Month in Pictures

Holiday season is in full swing and us Joneses are having fun decorating our house and preparing for the first Christmas in our very own own home! While shopping for Christmas presents and enjoying the cooler, wintry air, we also had some other things going on... here is our month in pictures:
It's a BOY!! Little Calvin will be joining our family in a few more months!

 Parker and I are taking full advantage of date nights. This was us in November before we went out to see the Hunger Games movie, eat some delicious dinner, and do a little home shopping!

 Chattanooga aquarium! I really failed on the pictures this Thanksgiving, but we traveled to Chattanooga to spend a few days with Parker's family for the holiday. My mother-in-law lives very close to downtown Chattanooga so we took the opportunity to bring Theo to the aquarium, which he loved! The penguins were his favorite although he kept yelling, "duck, duck!"

 Here is my little guy at Thanksgiving dinner. He was a little overwhelmed with all the new people he met that day, but once he had a little food, he warmed up to everyone quite nicely ;).
My mother-in-law has this unique and exciting Thanksgiving tradition that I have to document one year. I think next year I will take pictures and share the event!

 Theo and I before date night.... he stayed home ;)

Our new rug and Christmas corner! On the above-mentioned date night Parker and I bought this rug for our family room. Prior to this rug we had a navy and white mosaic rug which I like and was fine... but after a month or two in our home, I knew I wanted a more neutral one for the space. I am MUCH happier with this choice that we bought on sale from West Elm!

Since it is getting colder and darker so early lately, we have been trying to entertain our little guy as much as we can indoors. Here he is at the Children's Piazza showing no fear going down the big slide!

I will be sure to take plenty of pictures this Christmas and I can tell you already that family and friends have SPOILED our little man this Christmas! The tree will be jam packed for Theo's last Christmas as an only child, yikes!
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