09 November 2015

The Haps.

Being pregnant the second time around is MUCH different than the first time.

In fact, I don't think I even shared my pregnancy announcement here... Oh, the embarrassment! Here it is... circa September 12, 2015

The surprise wasn't just for all of y'all either ;) Baby #2 was a welcome surprise to Parker and I... and quite honestly, something that we weren't *planning* on even thinking about until this coming Summer. 
Planning... ha, ha, ha...

When I was pregnant with Theo I could sleep in late. I ate a gajillion bagels (and I'm still paying for it). I could have endless date nights with my husband, knowing that our freedom was coming to an end. This time... not so much.

When you have a one year old running (well, still crawling really fast...) circles around your ever-expanding body, it is exhausting. Working from home has been a huge blessing, but it also means that I have this ever-present urge to spend every waking moment of Theo's life full of learning and fun. Let me tell you, when we have more than one "lazy-day" in a row... mommy guilt turns on BIG time. These days Theo is imitating words and actions ALL. THE. TIME. It is both exciting and hilarious to watch his mad-scientist-like brain figure out how things work and try to make sense of the world around him. 

Here is what we have been up to the past few months in pictures:

Theo went apple picking for the first time and loveddddd him some apples!

Parker, Tina, and I spent 3 nights in New York City being as touristy as possible in early October! I had a work conference so we decided to make a trip of it! Theo stayed home and had a blast with Grammy

Our neighborhood had a Halloween parade for the little ones a couple weeks before Halloween, so Theo and a few of his best buds strolled around the block grabbing candy, crackers, and toys! It was a lot of fun!

This was Theo on Halloween night. I'd say it was a success!

Theo has been going to The Little Gym for the past 8 weeks and he is just LOVING it! He is in a small class of kids ages 10-19 months and the kids get to explore on the gym equipment while practicing their physical development! He loves the instructor and its a lot of fun watching him interact with the other babies and follow directions.

We went to baby Nolan's first birthday party in our flannels and had a blast at the park! Theo l-o-v-e-d the jumpy house and the pizza!

 Short sleeves in November?!? Yah... it was 75 degrees this past weekend!

 Cuddly in his sweater from Gigi and hat made by aunt Roma!

Theo had a week-long cold and this was the first smile I gotten from him in 4 days!! 

75 degrees one day and 55 the next! Gotta love New England! It's a good thing Theo was nice and warm in his fleece Santa robe and fleece booties. He thought he get-up was so goofy!

Last but not least, if it weren't for that first ultrasound (at 12 weeks) and my expanding belly (above picture from 16 weeks pregnant) I would never remember I am pregnant! I forget ALL THE TIME. Then all of a sudden my belly bumps into something or I walk by a mirror and boom! There it is...

This Thursday we are getting our ultrasound that will let us know whether Theo is having a baby brother or sister!

So there you have it. 
The haps.

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