18 August 2015

10 Months Old and a Family Cruise!

10 Months?!?!? Double digits! AGH!

We took Theo with us on an amazing family vacation this past week to celebrate my parents 30th anniversary. My family doesn't really travel that often, but they had SO much fun on the cruise that they are all planning the next one already!

We went on the Oasis of the Seas (Parks and I went on the Allure for our honeymoon and fell in love) and traveled to the Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten.

Here are a few highlights from our trip:
Our room: The Crown Loft Suite!
Yes, we upgraded and thank goodness we did! Cruising with a 10 month old who takes 2 longggg (2+ hour) naps a day means we spent a LOT of time in our room when we would rather be out laying by the pool or gallivanting around the boat. (Theo is not a stroller napper... believe me... we tried). So, yes... it was a lot of money... but it was worth every penny. We were able to have him nap in his pack n' play while we hung out around the room or laid out on the balcony watching what was happening around the boat!

Day 1:
Well, we strolled around the boat for most of the day, but by dinner time, the long travel day had caught up to Theo and he had to sleep. So Parks and I ordered room service and ate on the balcony while we watched the water show down below!
Cat nap on the plane.

Tina & Parks looking at our views from the balcony.

Day 2:
BAHAMAS! Us Joneses didn't actually get off the boat in the Bahamas but being on the boat is our favorite part of cruising anyways. Theo splashed around in the water most of the day as we waited for some of our siblings to come back from the Bahamas:
When they got back, we dropped Theo off at the nursery for a couple hours so we could have an "adults only" dinner. It was the very first time Theo was with someone he didn't know. It was much harder for me than it was for him! He loved the other babies and the ladies watching him.

Day 3:
Cruising all day! All these days blur together for me since they were pretty much the same. We played in the splash pad, walked around Central Park and the Boardwalk, went to eat at many different restaurants, and just had some plain ole fun! We also saw the headliner show that night and listened to some classics.
 Theo goofin' around at the windjammer!

Bros bein' bros!

I was super lucky that my mom goes to bed early and she ending up spending most nights in our room while Theo slept and Parks and I could sneak out for some late night fun with the youngins'

Day 4:
St. Thomas - Kontiki Cruise!
Theo spent the afternoon with Grammy, Great Gramma and Papa while the "kids" went on the Kontiki cruise! If you are looking for a good time while in St. Thomas, this little party boat was such a fun excursion!! We went over to a little private beach for lunch and swimming and on the way back we had limbo contests, loud music, and a little dance party. My husband had an amazing time as evidenced below:

 and for your viewing pleasure:

Day 5:
St. Maarten! Us Joneses stayed on the boat with Great Gramma, Papa, and Grandfather while the rest of the crew swam with dolphins and had an amazing time!
It was nice to relax and have a little alone time though.
There is a great little play area for young babies to crawl around in and play with lots of toys so Theodore and Theodore got to spend some quality time together :) I love this picture!

At night, some of us went out for a couple's date to Chef's table, a fancy-shmancy 5 course meal paired with wine. We got all dressed up and had a ball:

Days 6 & 7:
Our last two days were spent cruising the ocean on our way home to Florida. We saw a few shows, had some family dinners, laid by the pool, and tried to savor every last minute of our vacation!
 Come Fly with Me:
acrobat show!

 The boys in their Hawaiian shirts!

 Adult game show! Tina got involved with a little lipstick ;)

 Grammy and Theo on formal night!

  We LOVED Reyley and Mario, our waiters in the main dining room!

family photo!

Theo & grandfather playing with some spoons

and if the cruise could be summed up in one picture... it would be this one right here! This smile and the light in his eyes is how we all felt the whole trip! I cannot wait to do it again... maybe when he's a little older and naps less though ;)
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