13 June 2015

8 Months Old and On the Move!

This boy turned 8 months old on the eighth!

Is it just me or did my baby get replaced by a little BOY?!

This boy has my heart I tell ya. He is not the little snuggle monster I had imagined he would be, but instead he is a goofy, energetic, "crazy-baby," perfect, little bugger. Well, that's one side of him... that's the "hey, I'm comfortable and I know everyone here" baby.

He cracks me up when he is around people he doesn't know. He gets a serious, furrowed brow and stares down any and all strangers until he decides if he likes them or not. There was a lot of this when he came and visited school this past week. The kids loved him!

I only have 5 more school days at my current job. It is certainly bittersweet to leave behind another school and some amazing colleagues and friends, but I cannot wait to see what the future holds. Parker and I are having lots of discussions about what next year will look like job-wise and some important decisions will be coming up shortly. We will keep you posted!

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