10 May 2015

7 Months and lots of fun!

I feel as though I start every post with something like, "wow, this was a busy month!" So I suppose I should just get used to the hullabaloo of every day life and roll with it!

This past month, we have moved into our new home, traveled cross-country and celebrated Mother's Day! Theo has been changing every day and it has been so exciting to see him grow and develop into a little boy! Here is a little 7 month update:

As I mentioned, we have just moved into our new house and we are in love! Our list of house projects is never-ending at this point, but we are loving every second of it.

We did some yard work and landscaping this past weekend:

 Trying to grow some grass, Mother's Day flowers, black mulch, and some edging!

 We are still waiting for our bushes and trees to fully bloom!


We've also done a bit of work on the inside as well and I plan to share lots more pictures of that in the months to come!

Four days after we moved in, we traveled to Seattle, WA to visit some of Parker's family! We were welcomed with open arms by his aunts and uncles and it warmed my heart to see Theo with all Parker's family. We loved spending time and chatting with everyone too!
Here are just a few pictures:
 Ready for his first flight!

 Sleeping on momma!

 Theo meeting Mame for the first time!

 Mame, Parks, and Theo!

Theo and uncle Calvin!

 Meeting aunt Romy!

 Some of the Joneses!

 Great Aunt Kathy!

 Theo and Great Grammy!

Family shot with Great Grammy!

Parker spoiled me with some flowers, chocolate covered strawberries and a delicious brunch with mimosas for my first Mother's Day! We are now getting ready to host a little get together with my family and my grandparents :)

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommas out there!
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