14 March 2015

Workin' Mom with a 5 Month Old!

Well, I have been officially back to work for the past 3 weeks... and it is rough! The Sunday before I started school I pretty much just sat on the couch, cried, and held Theo... tight! It was so, so hard. I only see him for a couple hours each night before he goes to sleep and it makes me SO sad, but such is life. Soon enough, it will be April vacation and then it will be summer before I know it!

That's what I keep telling myself at least...

In the midst of working and planning for work and spending every other second with my baby, I am a week late with his 5 month photos:

(umm... yah the clothes didn't last too long...)

Parker's dad has also been in town visiting and Theo just loves spending time with his Poppa! I was at work for most of his visit, which was nice because the boys got to run all around town together :)

 (Failed selfie)

This whole mommy thing is tough sometimes, but one goofy smile from my boy makes every day a little bit easier!
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