12 February 2015

4 Months Old!

Hello world!

I am the proud mother of a child who does not sleep. He naps... occasionally... but sleep... at night?! Ha! My boy likes to be awake or cuddled in momma's arms all night every night. It is both sweet and sad and exhausting all at the same time. As you know, our sweet boy has eczema and in the past weeks it has spread all over his body. He itches and scratches all day and night and we have been snowed out of 2 dermatologist appointments so far. We are finally going to see the doctor Wednesday and hopefully we can get some answers.

In the meantime, we have been keeping busy with lots of shoveling and play dates for the babe. 

Here is Theo's 4 month update:

PS - yes that does say NEW HOUSE.... more on that soon :)

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