08 January 2015

Three Months!

Little dude turned 3 months old today!!!

(puffing out his chunky cheeks!)

He has changed and grown SO much in 3 short months. It is incredible. It seems that every day he learns something new that makes Parker and I laugh and smile and look at him in amazement. Soon, he will be talking and walking and he will be a little BOY! Oh goodness. 

This past month Theo has been consistently sleeping 5-6 hour periods at night. He has even slept from 10-7 three times - each time I woke up before him, freaked out and ran into his room to check on him :). 

 He can sit up with a little assistance and he was starting to roll a few weeks ago, but then lost ALL interest. Instead, he lays on his back uses his feet to push off every flat surface and scoots all over the place. He tries to do that while lying on his belly too, but he doesn't get as far.

 He has recently learned how to do a really whiny yell and will let a few of those out when he is tired. They are so darn funny that even though I know he wants to sleep, I have to listen to a few of them first... and then sometimes he starts to cry... bad mommy!

For Christmas, my thoughtful husband got me a dropcam. He knows I am dreading going back to work because I am afraid I will miss all his big milestones. This camera gives me live-feed our living room from my phone! It also records, so if a milestone happens while I am work, Parker can let me know and I can watch it :) It was the sweetest gift I have ever received and I am already obsessed. I check in on Parks and Theo whenever I am at the gym or running errands. It has a microphone as well so we can talk through it. It sure beats the phone usual phone conversation between me and Parks:
"Hi honey, how is everything?!"
"What are you and Theo doing?"
...you get the idea...

I want to end this post with a picture I just found on my camera from Christmas:
 Theodore and Theodore.

Until next time!

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