25 January 2015

Eczema Woes and Things we love at 3 and a half months!

Trial and error.

That's the name of the game as a first time mom. Theo has been an easy baby in many regards. He is generally content, loves to play, and is very independent. 

On the other hand, my poor baby boy has had eating issues since day 1. We tried breastfeeding and for all sorts of reasons - it  just didn't work out. So then, we went to formula... and he seemed to have tummy issues. We switched to the sensitive formula. That seemed to be better until he started breaking out in a rash. Then we switched to soy and that went horribly (redder, itchier rash). Now we are on the Similac Alimentum and at first I though "Ah ha! We have found our solution!!" His skin was clear, his belly issues were slowly going away!

Alas, 3 weeks later, his rash is back and worse than before. It is red and scabby and makes me sad and worry all day long. We can't seem to figure out what is causing his eczema! So trial and error it is. Between lotion and humidifiers and doctors visits and keeping our babe occupied so he doesn't scratch his face off... I am exhausted. Winter is the worst time for eczema, so I am hoping at the very least, in a couple months his rash will clear up and this will be just another phase in his baby life.

(a few days ago... when it wasn't TOO bad...)
The rash spreads all over his scalp and forehead and makes his skin red, bumpy, and THICK. He is obviously still the cutest baby in the world, but I worry it will ruin his skin!

This little issue has consumed my days and weeks as of late, but it has certainly made me ever-so-thankful for a few things we have around the house to keep us occupied! I thought I would share some of our favorite items from the past 3.5 months:

1. Miracle Blanket: our boy loves to move. Also, with his eczema, he loves to scratch. He is so big that a regular swaddle just wasn't working anymore, so around 2 months we bought the miracle blanket and it has been a lifesaver. Although, at almost 4 months he has learned to break free of this straight jacket and we will have to start transitioning him out (ugh!).
2. Cool Mist Humidifier: dry winter heat + eczema = nightmare. This humidifier helps and we use it every night!
3. Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy: self explanatory. 4 times a day, lather at night.
4. Ubbi Diaper Pail: We live in my mom's basement. It is only 2 rooms and his diaper pail lives in our bedroom - yuck. I wanted this for the streamlined look (I hate the look of a diaper genie), but it also keeps the smells out completely when it's closed! Believe me, we would know... It also can use any trash bag instead of special diaper trash bags.
5. Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs: Aden and Anais makes the softest swaddle blankets so we wanted to try out the burp bibs and they are GREAT! So soft and absorbent, we bought tons.
6. Baby Einstein Neighborhood Activity Jumper: Oh my, baby Theo LOVES this! Since he was about 12 weeks old he has loved to put pressure on his legs and try to stand, but he was still too little to go in this. Now, at 26 inches and over 16 lbs he is in this thing all day! He jumps and spins the toys and plays the music. We love it!
7. Baby Mozart Magic Cube: Theo got this for Christmas and since he loves music, we knew this would be a hit. He can hit the sides of the cube and it plays Mozart symphonies using all sorts of different instruments.
8. Curious George Stuffed Animal: Another Christmas toy that Theo loves. He tends to love monkey toys and this stuffed animal is one of his favorites! I could also add the Curious George cartoon - he would watch that all day if we let him.
9. Skip Hop Alphabet Activity Mat: Theo has loved this since he was born. We do tummy time on this mat and he has since learned to kick, grab, and play with the hanging toys.
10. Graco Glider: For an active boy, this was his bed for a good 5 weeks of his life thus far (GASP!). He had a phase where he could ONLY sleep while being rocked and that just didn't work for mom and dad. So, we put him in here and let him rock to sleep. Thankfully, these days he can sleep while being still.
11. Wubbanub: And lastly, his wubs!! He has also loved this thing from birth and we have many pictures with this big ole giraffe hanging out of his mouth. Now that he can grab things he loves to play with the giraffe too. He falls asleep with his wubs and it is a constant comfort for him.

Two weeks from today, little chunk will be 4 months old and I am hoping we will have some more answers/remedies for keep his eczema at bay. Until then, wish us luck!

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08 January 2015

Three Months!

Little dude turned 3 months old today!!!

(puffing out his chunky cheeks!)

He has changed and grown SO much in 3 short months. It is incredible. It seems that every day he learns something new that makes Parker and I laugh and smile and look at him in amazement. Soon, he will be talking and walking and he will be a little BOY! Oh goodness. 

This past month Theo has been consistently sleeping 5-6 hour periods at night. He has even slept from 10-7 three times - each time I woke up before him, freaked out and ran into his room to check on him :). 

 He can sit up with a little assistance and he was starting to roll a few weeks ago, but then lost ALL interest. Instead, he lays on his back uses his feet to push off every flat surface and scoots all over the place. He tries to do that while lying on his belly too, but he doesn't get as far.

 He has recently learned how to do a really whiny yell and will let a few of those out when he is tired. They are so darn funny that even though I know he wants to sleep, I have to listen to a few of them first... and then sometimes he starts to cry... bad mommy!

For Christmas, my thoughtful husband got me a dropcam. He knows I am dreading going back to work because I am afraid I will miss all his big milestones. This camera gives me live-feed our living room from my phone! It also records, so if a milestone happens while I am work, Parker can let me know and I can watch it :) It was the sweetest gift I have ever received and I am already obsessed. I check in on Parks and Theo whenever I am at the gym or running errands. It has a microphone as well so we can talk through it. It sure beats the phone usual phone conversation between me and Parks:
"Hi honey, how is everything?!"
"What are you and Theo doing?"
...you get the idea...

I want to end this post with a picture I just found on my camera from Christmas:
 Theodore and Theodore.

Until next time!

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