04 September 2014

Week 35 and lots happening!

Well week 34 was a bust!

I never took a picture because there was WAY too much going on and I was WAYYYYY too tired.

I had another full week of school and my kids are all GERMS! They are literal germs. They cough and sneeze all over the classroom and I can feel their germs and sickness crawling all over me at all times!! It is probably the same every year, especially at the beginning, but being this pregnant makes me fear their germs even more! I wash my hands about 15342 times an hour. It still didn't prevent a sore throat and stuffy nose for the weekend.

My littlest sister of them all, Weezil, went off to college last Wednesday!
Me and Weezy!
She didn't go too far and is starting her freshman year at Boston College. She's been there about a week and from my understanding, she LOVES it!

Also happening last week was my hubs birthday!!
 For his actual birthday dinner on Thursday, Parks wanted some Raisin' Canes chicken fingers - the only location in New England is right in Boston, so we haven't had it since we moved from Vegas!

We went into Boston for a couple nights and stayed right in Copley Square! It was a perfect little staycation for us :) We went out to breakfast, walked ALL over the city... slowly... saw an IMAX movie at the aquarium, and went to dinner at Atlantic Fish Co. We were in heaven :)

When we got home from our little staycation we had received this little outfit in the mail:
SO cute! We ordered from an Etsy shop owned by a friend of my mother-in-law. Check out the inspiration:

Now it's back to the daily grind of work and sleep and I am well on my way to week 36, but here is the week 35 bump:

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