17 September 2014

37 weeks and our basement living!

37 weeks means FULL TERM!
Yes, I know... Theo should cook for a bit longer and I'm okay with that.

As long as he isn't in there TOO much longer ;) This momma is hurtin'

This is what week 37 looks like:
I thought it was the most accurate portrayal of a day in the life at this point.
Pjs on, birthing ball, no hair/makeup, lookin' tired!

This week I had to switch for an earlier doctor's appointment since I was having some pretty bad pain in my upper right abdomen. Fortunately, everything is fine with baby Theo. Unfortunately for me, I have a strained muscle in my stomach and doc said the pain will unlikely go away until after Theo makes his debut. There is not much healing the muscle can do with the way Theo karate kicks all day.

Between the new tummy pain, the constant back pain, and the overall uncomfortableness of being really large and in charge this lady is READY to meet her son!

Parker seems to think I will go into labor within a week! I think it'll be a littttttllleee bit longer. I am preparing though. Our bags are packed and ready to go, our basement apartment is constantly getting cleaned and organized, and then re-cleaned and re-organized.

Speaking of which, I realized I never shared some "after" pics of our little basement living area.

Now, we are well aware that this is still a dingy basement and this isn't any HGTV reveal... however we worked SO hard to make this a very livable area for Parks, Theo and myself. I am proud!

Here is the before:

These 2 bedroom pics were after we had started. We ripped up the carpet, painted the entire room, and installed a closet organizer.

This is the main living area. The blue "carpet" was  super thin and old and dusty and you could feel the concrete underneath your feet as you walked. The ceilings and walls had never been painted and were just primed. They also had holes and scratches all over the place. The top of the ledge (under the windows) was unfinished wood and the circuit breaker box was just a big open box of wires (you can see it past my brother's head on the right wall). The rest of the basement was filled with boxes and my mom's sewing stuff.

Mind you, this was all fine and dandy since my family's bedrooms and main living/dining areas are on the upper two levels and this basement hadn't really been used in 10 years!

When Parks and I decided to use the space, we knew we had to make it more livable and to save money, we overtook a big DIY project! And by we... I mean my mom and hubs.

 New carpet on the stairs, new paint, installed railing for safe walking up and down :)

 The new living space! My mom and Parks installed wainscoting all around the bottom wall of the basement, installed molding at the top, and painted the unfinished ledges white.

 The circuit breaker box is now covered up with a gray little door and new carpet is installed! We also have an IKEA area rug to help define the space.

 On the opposite wall, is our TV, exercise equipment, my birthing ball, and Theo's bouncer (covered up so our cats don't make it their new home).

On the other side of the room is a treadmill, Parker's office space and a bunch of baskets filled with storage. It is still cluttered, but as we said, this is only a temporary home and Parker, Theo, 2 cats and myself have way too much stuff for a space this size.

 Walking into the bedroom...

Our queen bed and Parker's one and only bureau - thank goodness he doesn't have that many clothes ;)

Theo's bassinet and our storage place for all our toiletries and hair products and more. We don't have our own bathroom, of course, so Parker installed these shelves for us which work great!

Our new closet is packed to the brim with all my clothes clothes (that still fit) and Parker's dress shirts. Under the bed, I have 4 of the big ole tupperware cases filled with my pre-pregnancy clothes. As they begin to fit again, I will switch them out!

So there you have it!

It is small, we know, but it is temporary and it's the fastest way for us to save for our first home! We hope to start looking this winter and move by spring/early summer. We shall see what happens.

Our little space wouldn't be here without all the hard work of my mom and hubs! They worked for MONTHS to do everything and I only wish I had better before pictures to show you so you could see more progress!

And no worries, we bought my mom a new latptop to show our thanks for all her hard work!! She carries it all over the house with her and calls it her "portable computer." My parents are a little behind the times....

Oh, and my hubs got a BIG ole smile and high-5 from me as his thanks :) He called this project his "nesting phase" and he has surely taken care of Theo and I so far. He is such a good daddy already, I can't wait to see him take care of Theo after he is born!

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