23 August 2014

Week 33!


That is what I feel right now. See that big ole belly up there?! It hurts my back and makes my days seem veryyyyyy long. But on the bright side, I am counting down the weeks!

My long term sub should be starting next week, which means I will be lucky enough to have her in the classroom with me for the next couple weeks before my leave starts. Having her in the room AND my awesome para full-time should be a really big help! Especially as the weeks continue.

I am technically already 34 weeks as I am posting this and plan to take another belly pic sometime this week.. which means there are actually only THREE more weeks until I am full term! Then, Theo can make his sweet arrival at any time :)

We are ready for his arrival!!


  1. I totally forgot about your personal blog! My goodness...I just spent the last 30 minutes getting caught up on your pregnancy! HA! I love all your bump pictures! I wonder how big that baby boy of yours is going to be? Your belly looks eerily similar to mine when I had Brandon and he was 10 lbs 4 oz's....just sayin'....HA!

    You look so dang great!

    Can't wait to "meet" that baby boy of yours...you will LOVE being a boy mom!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  2. I think I gained 40 for both pregnancies...not matter what i did.... eat junk, eat healthy...workout, don't workout. so this one, I'm like "Whatever" and i tihnk I've gained the least amount so far... and i think it's from this new grade/school! haha! whatever works, right!?

  3. Eeek! Just a few more weeks! You look great! I can't imagine how challenging this time of year is being so far along in your pregnancy. I hope you're still getting some sleep at night. Love the new blog design too.