14 August 2014

32 Weeks!

Parks and my sister, T-T, helped me set up my classroom today and they were a HUGE help.

Being 8 months pregnant means I can't really move my tables and heavy boxes around anymore so I needed them big time. I also can't stand on the tables to hang my decor. Well, technically, I can... but everyone yells at me... so I don't.

We were only there for 3.5 hours and my back is on fire! I am not looking forward to seeing how my back will feel after a full work day next week!

Theo is anywhere from 17-19 inches long and weighs a little less than 4lbs. Yikes!
I have also experienced 3 Braxton-Hicks contractions! They didn't hurt... just felt... weird and tense.

Another docs appointment is coming up next Thursday!

In the meantime wish me luck as school starts next Monday and I have a feeling I will need lots of rest to keep up with 23 1st graders all next week.

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