06 August 2014

31 Weeks and Lots o' Nesting!

Soooo the pictures aren't as good anymore since I no longer have a nice plain, white wall, but this will have to make due for now. Plus, it'll only be for 8 more weeks ;)


Parker and I are so excited for baby Theo to grace us with his presence. It becomes more and more real with each passing week, with each passing class, and with each inch around my belly.

I still overall feel pretty darn good. I have *thankfully* had an easy pregnancy so far and for that I am very grateful. I am, however, ready to be finished with this part of the journey and onto the next! I have too much going on in my head between school and baby to fall asleep at night and Theo's head is right on my bladder at all times so that is not the most comfortable. I just want to see him already! It is weird to think how in love we are already with a little guy we have never even met before.

Nesting has taken over my life in all shapes and forms. I have been buying things, installing things, researching things, creating things. Baby gear, diapers, and books have already begun to takeover our sweet, LITTLE, place in my mom's basement.

It is putting my organizational skills to the test!
Top left: Snug-a-puppy lightweight bouncer!
Top right: some books, random stuff that needs to be sorted through and my Theo mugs
Bottom left: just one of many drawers filled with freshly clean baby clothes
Bottom right: changing pad and diaper caddy ready for changings!

Lots more has been done, but I am still waiting to take some pictures of our new place until we finish up a few things!

Along with nesting at home, I have felt an overwhelming urgency to nest financially. For those that know me well, you know I have a side business as a teacher blogger/seller and this summer has been all about WORK for me. I know once school starts and Theo gets here my creating time will be cut down big time, so I am trying to prepare, prepare, prepare! Thank goodness I truly love to do this stuff because I have spent about 50% of my summer behind the computer creating and getting excited for a whole new school year.

Speaking of which, I am off to do some teachery stuff right now!

12 more days til school starts. Yikes.


  1. Ahhh it is getting sooo close and you look so amazing. It seems like just yesterday you were trying for that little man and now you are almost a mama :) So stinking excited for you and cannot wait to "meet" your little man. You are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mommy. It is the BEST thing in the world :)