13 July 2014

Weeks 27 & 28

Well, well, well.

These last 2 weeks have just flown by with lots of ups and downs!

The basement renovation is well under-way and I cannot wait to share it with you. The carpeting is coming in on Thursday and then we will be officially moving in this weekend. EEEEEK!

All that is an up.

Now for a down...

July 4th weekend we had a big storm here in Mass and a gosh-darn tree fell on my car overnight :(
The windshield is shattered and there are dents in the roof of the car that prevent a new windshield from easily going back in. The insurance adjuster should be coming tomorrow or Tuesday to see how much it will be.... 10 days later....

Now for an up!

My cousin and his girlfriend got married last night and the whole fam had a BLAST! There was also a photo booth so, naturally, we took full advantage.
 Moran ladies in the booth!

 Me, Theo, and Parkster at the wedding!

 Aunt Shirley dancing outside the window.

Dad and Tina just chillin'




So much fun and many congrats to Katy and Danny!! It was SO beautiful!

Unfortunately... it is time for a down...

The one and only car we have left broke down today on the highway. ARGH!! Thankfully, we were very close to an exit and were able to find some garage right off the highway. We left our car there overnight with the keys and a note and hopefully we will get a call in the morning. Hopefully it is not something horrible. FINGERS CROSSED!
This is me laughing at our wonderful luck lately as we waited for my dad to come pick us up. Thanks, Dad!

It seems that with this pattern we are in for an UP soon!!!

Here are the past 2 weeks baby bumps and a welcome to 3rd trimester!!! YIKES!

Until next week, folks!

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