23 July 2014

Week 29 & Way Too Many Tears

Why is it that summer weeks FLY by?!?

I don't think I have stopped moving in the past 3 weeks, but I am nesting like a lunatic and feel the need to have everything in the world as ready as possible for Theo. Does this make me crazy?! I feel crazy every day. 

I also cry every day.

Without fail.

and most of the time... without any reason.

Although, today was because Parker ate my Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuits. I bought them the other day when I had a reallllyyyy bad craving for them. I also got some delicious cheese to go with it. I did buy Parker his chips and Cheezits and granola bars which are all his and I don't eat even have a nibble!

After a long day of shopping and preparing for my baby shower, I was starving. My mouth was watering just imagining the triscuits and cheese. Nomnomnom.

And then I came home. I went right downstairs to grab them and what do I see?! They are GONE! Not even a crumb was left. First, I was angry. Next, I decided to try some other crackers. Then, as I was eating them in front of Parker and my sister, I just started crying.

Like a lunatic. Sobbing about how unfair it was and why oh whyyyyyyy did I have to eat "these NASTY crackers" when my good crackers were all gone?! WHY!!?!??

Whenever these episodes happen, I know I seem like a 5 year old. I just, quite literally, cannot help myself.

Parker felt horrible and was going to run to the store to go get more which made me realize even more how ridiculous my emotional outburst was. Alas, tomorrow I will likely cry again. About something just as silly.

Week 29 is almost over now, but here is my belly pic and updates:

We also set up Theo's bassinet in our bedroom and it is just so darn adorable!
 I can't wait until he is sleeping inside it!!!

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  1. At least parker was willing to go replace your crackers... Ron would've said "oh, give me a break." lol!!!
    ♥ Jen
    A Splash of Life Blog