30 July 2014

Theo's Baby Shower!

The weekend came and went quickly and it was beautiful!
 We had a brunch in my mom's backyard with my favorite food and my favorite people.

I turned 30 weeks the day of the shower, so there is no weekly picture but you can see the bump progress in most of the pictures below.

I am the worst at making sure I take pictures of events, but here are a few I borrowed from my sister and sister-in-law:

 My aunt and cousin made this *ah-mazing* diaper cake!

I received SO many thoughtful gifts and cards from my family and friends. I cannot wait for Theo to get here and meet all these special people who love and care for him already!

After the brunch, we went out to dinner with this little lady who also happened to turn 21!!!

Theo was kicking and punching and rolling around like crazy the whole dinner. He must've been so happy for aunt Tina ;)

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