03 July 2014

26 Weeks & Our Vacation Recap in Pictures!

No baby bump pic this week because I was on vacation, but I have plenty of pics to help document the 26 week baby bump.

Parks and I spent 6 days in Naples, Florida with my brother and his girlfriend and it was WONDERFUL! We were jam-packed with swimming and tanning and adventures. Even though it was a bit tiring, it was exactly what I needed for a babymoon.

Here are some pictures:
 I mayyyyyy have splurged and bought this floral Kate Spade diaper bag. It was too pretty not to buy :) Parker wasn't too thrilled about the hefty purchase, so I showed him that I could use it for other things too! Carry on bag!

Brothers waiting at the airport before we go!

 The beach! The water was so warrrrmmmmm and niiiceeee. I was on "fin duty" since I don't go to the beach that often and I was scared to death there would be a shark. As I was watching like a hawk... I saw a FIN! A real fin... I wasn't even sure I believed my own eyes, so I didn't blink for about 2 minutes before I saw it again! A FIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I yelled to Parks and John who were still in the water as tears were coming out of my eyes and my feet were stomping the ground from my beach chair.

It was then, that Kathleen informed it was a dolphin fin.... tee hee hee... I forgot that there are also dolphins in Florida. I was seriously freaking out.

^Before the fin scare...^

That night we went out to Capital Grille for Kathleen's birthday:
Me and the birthday girl!

The next day we went to the Big Cat Sanctuary in Sarasota and saw some BIG animals!

 This massive creature was a REAL, 3 year-old, 1100lb, liger!

The woman snapping this pic tried many times to take the picture while the bear was there facing us... this is what we ended up with! Oh well!

The next day was our BIG day! We woke up at 5am and drove 3.5 hours to Universal Studios for the day! Kathleen and Parker are Harry Potter enthusiasts and they were so excited to see Hogsmeade!

^^ I was exhausted at the end of this day with all the heat and walking around... so the hubs offered to carry my bag for me... I think he totally owns it ;)

Other than spending lots of time swimming in the pool, we also went on a cruise around Port Royal down in Naples and saw all the mansions. They were quite impressive and allowed us to dream for a little bit. One day... one day..
Loving the boat life.

So there were have it. Week 26! I will be back this weekend with a regular 27 week bump photo. For now, this pregnant lady has hours of DVR to catch up on. YAHOO!

Happy 4th of July!

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