22 June 2014

25 week bump and we are BUSYBUSYBUSY!

We have been BUSY BEES this past week!

We spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at my mom's house working on the basement. We have been tearing out carpet, fixing the walls, painting the walls, getting wainscoating for the walls, searching for furniture, installing closets.... and more.

And by "we" I mostly mean everyone else except me. No one will let me downstairs with all the dust and dirt and paint and rug "fumes" and yada-yada-yada. So I sneak down sometimes and take pictures, but mostly I just point and tell everyone else what to do. They must love it... hee hee hee...

Here is a look at all the mayhem:
 This room is our new bedroom. We already painted... and then decided to re-carpet the whole basement.

 ^new closet organizer!^

 This area will be our living space, there is a whole other half over to the left that will be Parker's office.

Bro and Hubs working hard :)

It is all a bit manic right now, but we cannot wait to see our finished basement!! It'll all be worth it!

Parker also had a little bit of THIS going on this past week:

Bad news: poor boy had to have a colonoscopy this past week
Good news: everything is clear and good!

At some point I also went to Target to buy some necessities for our Florida trip coming up in a few days. Included on the list was a dreaded maternity swimsuit. I was a bit apprehensive to buy one, but heck, I need it for Florida and I decided to just own the whole basketball belly and go for it.

I ended up with this chevron one-piece:
It makes me giggle. My baby boy is getting bigger and bigger!

And now for a belly update:

That is all for now folks!

See you next week :)

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  1. The joy on your face in your baby update pictures is palpable and kinda makes me tear up. I'm sooooo happy for you!