09 June 2014

23 Weeks and Summer is almost here!

One more full day. One more half day.



I am beyond excited to spend the summer with Parker at home. We already have our work schedules set up for the day with plenty of time for walks, lunches, and Theo errands all mixed in with our daily routines.

Parker and I went down to Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Connecticut for the weekend and had a fun little getaway. We haven't done much of anything since I got pregnant except eat and sleep, so it was nice to get dressed up and DO something.

We had a beautiful room overlooking trees and trees and more trees:
and my brother and his girlfriend, Kathleen, came up with a bunch of their friends on Saturday night to celebrate her birthday.

Since I left almost immediately after school Friday, I almost didn't have time for a 23 week photo this week. Soooooooooooo, I had my sister snap this one after work Friday. Just don't look at my exhausted face... or my messy hair...
Just look at that big ole Theo.

BIG being the operative word.

We had another doctor's appointment last Wednesday and I was as healthy as ever! I had to get tested for 5ths disease since a few students at my school have it, but I have little-to-no contact with them so neither my doctor or I were very worried about it. My weight took a big jump this past month, which didn't make me feel so good.... but doc says I'm still in healthy weight gain range. I guess I will just have to get used to the scale number rising.

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