22 June 2014

25 week bump and we are BUSYBUSYBUSY!

We have been BUSY BEES this past week!

We spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at my mom's house working on the basement. We have been tearing out carpet, fixing the walls, painting the walls, getting wainscoating for the walls, searching for furniture, installing closets.... and more.

And by "we" I mostly mean everyone else except me. No one will let me downstairs with all the dust and dirt and paint and rug "fumes" and yada-yada-yada. So I sneak down sometimes and take pictures, but mostly I just point and tell everyone else what to do. They must love it... hee hee hee...

Here is a look at all the mayhem:
 This room is our new bedroom. We already painted... and then decided to re-carpet the whole basement.

 ^new closet organizer!^

 This area will be our living space, there is a whole other half over to the left that will be Parker's office.

Bro and Hubs working hard :)

It is all a bit manic right now, but we cannot wait to see our finished basement!! It'll all be worth it!

Parker also had a little bit of THIS going on this past week:

Bad news: poor boy had to have a colonoscopy this past week
Good news: everything is clear and good!

At some point I also went to Target to buy some necessities for our Florida trip coming up in a few days. Included on the list was a dreaded maternity swimsuit. I was a bit apprehensive to buy one, but heck, I need it for Florida and I decided to just own the whole basketball belly and go for it.

I ended up with this chevron one-piece:
It makes me giggle. My baby boy is getting bigger and bigger!

And now for a belly update:

That is all for now folks!

See you next week :)
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15 June 2014

24 Weeks and a Happy Faja's Day!!

24 Weeks and the bump is still bumpin'

We went over my faja's last night to celebrate Father's Day and all the kids pitched in to get him a Kindle Fire. He was like a kid in a candy shop. He kept calling it his iPad and then we he realized he could also buy and listen to music, he immediately bought Elton John's Number One hits album and started jammin' out. Now he calls it his big iPod. Either way, between Netflix, books, magazines, and music... I have a feeling my dad will be preoccupied for quite some time.

I also made him this card with my crayons and some paper (5th grade style). Ya know... just a few of his favorite things.

Happy, happy Faja's Day to the best faja I've ever had:
Love ya dad!

I also want to say Happy Father's Day to my father-in-law, Greg!
*they need a new picture ;)*

Parker and I can't wait for you to be a grandfather and take Theo to Disneyland and show him around the West Coast :) We love you and hope to see you SOON!

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09 June 2014

23 Weeks and Summer is almost here!

One more full day. One more half day.



I am beyond excited to spend the summer with Parker at home. We already have our work schedules set up for the day with plenty of time for walks, lunches, and Theo errands all mixed in with our daily routines.

Parker and I went down to Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Connecticut for the weekend and had a fun little getaway. We haven't done much of anything since I got pregnant except eat and sleep, so it was nice to get dressed up and DO something.

We had a beautiful room overlooking trees and trees and more trees:
and my brother and his girlfriend, Kathleen, came up with a bunch of their friends on Saturday night to celebrate her birthday.

Since I left almost immediately after school Friday, I almost didn't have time for a 23 week photo this week. Soooooooooooo, I had my sister snap this one after work Friday. Just don't look at my exhausted face... or my messy hair...
Just look at that big ole Theo.

BIG being the operative word.

We had another doctor's appointment last Wednesday and I was as healthy as ever! I had to get tested for 5ths disease since a few students at my school have it, but I have little-to-no contact with them so neither my doctor or I were very worried about it. My weight took a big jump this past month, which didn't make me feel so good.... but doc says I'm still in healthy weight gain range. I guess I will just have to get used to the scale number rising.
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02 June 2014

22 Weeks!

22 weeks down, 18 more to go!

Today was a blast. We had a field trip to some tidepools up on the New Hampshire/Maine line and Parker, my mom and sister all came with my class to help chaperone! We walked into the water, flipped over rocks and found all sorts of fun little crabs, periwinkles, barnacles and more. My kids also go to hold a few starfish. The kids had so much fun and I was so happy to have my family there with the kids.

Here is my mom and sister on the hour long bus ride (before my mom got bus-sick and cried and almost threw up numerous times): 

Parks had his own group of kiddos and this little guy just adored Parker. This picture made my heart so happy:

Only a few more days of school left and my first year teaching back in Massachusetts will be complete. It all goes by so fast.

Here is the 22 week update:

See you next week :)
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