06 May 2014

18 Weeks and we're having a BOY!!!!!!!

Guess what everyone.....

We are having a BOY!!!! A sweet, adorable, little boy.

Theodore Lloyd Jones is on his way and Parks and I are SO excited to know who we are talking to inside my not-so-little belly. 

Here is a little week 18 update:

On a side note, our good friends, Shayla and Deep, had their son, Charlie, this past weekend and he is a SWEETIE! He was 6.7lbs and 19 inches of adorableness. I was able to hold him for a little and it was so surreal for Parker and I. To think in 5 short months that will be us! Parks was a bit too scared to hold Charlie, but he couldn't stop talking about how cute and little he was afterwards.

I can't wait to see him as a father. Swoon.


  1. Parker will be an amazing Dad! And I know you will be a great Mom....Theo is a lucky boy already!

  2. Congrats, I know y'all are super excited!