27 May 2014

21 Weeks - Belly Update

It was a bussssssyyyyy past few days!

Between cookouts, sleepovers, graduations, dinners, baby visits, etc. this momma is exhausted. Knowing that my summer vacation is so close is the only thing keepin' me going!

Here is a quick little update:

The 3 trips Parks mentioned above:
- Vegas in February
- Jones family vacation, possibly in the Spring, still ironing out details
- Moran cruise Summer 2015

WAHOO! Baby Theo is going to be moving and a grooving all over this country :)

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18 May 2014

20 Weeks!

We are halfway done folks!!

20 long, long weeks have passed and there are only 20 more to go... OY!

I know they say it goes by in a flash and once Theo is actually here, I will probably feel the same. However, right NOW, in the midst of it all, it moving along pretty slowwwwwly. 

I was cranky this past week. and Emotional.  and Moody. and Sweaty. and Tired.
Week 21 will be much better I am sure of it :)

This week I am looking forward to:
Tina coming to school with me on Monday
My littlest sister, Weezy, graduating high school on Friday
A long weekend
A family cookout on Memorial Day!

See ya next week :)
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11 May 2014

19 Weeks - Happy Momma's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommas out there!

But I hope these two mommas have an EXTRA special Mother's Day:
Mom and me... before we were crying. Such a happy day!
Thank you mom for all the love and support you have shown me over the years. I wouldn't be half the woman I am today without you! Parker thanks you for that ;)

and my Mother-in-law, Wendes:
She loves this boy in a way that I can only hope to love my son!
Thank you, Wendes, for accepting and loving me as if I were one of your own from the very beginning.

I can't wait to see both of these women as GRANDMOTHERS!

Enjoy your special day as your loved ones spoil you!


Now onto week 19.

Good golly, miss Molly...
I have been THE happiest person on the planet since our ultrasound Tuesday.
Look at Theo's big ole belly. It is the cutest thing in the entire world.

I literally talk to Theo all the time. It is kind of embarrassing. I let him know when we are on the way to school. I say good morning, good night, I let him know what we are having for dinner. I just love him.

Week 19 belly bump update:
The bump sure is poppin' these days.
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06 May 2014

18 Weeks and we're having a BOY!!!!!!!

Guess what everyone.....

We are having a BOY!!!! A sweet, adorable, little boy.

Theodore Lloyd Jones is on his way and Parks and I are SO excited to know who we are talking to inside my not-so-little belly. 

Here is a little week 18 update:

On a side note, our good friends, Shayla and Deep, had their son, Charlie, this past weekend and he is a SWEETIE! He was 6.7lbs and 19 inches of adorableness. I was able to hold him for a little and it was so surreal for Parker and I. To think in 5 short months that will be us! Parks was a bit too scared to hold Charlie, but he couldn't stop talking about how cute and little he was afterwards.

I can't wait to see him as a father. Swoon.
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