21 April 2014

Week 16 & Baby Names

Happy Easter and Happy Marathon Monday!

We spent Easter at my mom's house! There was an absurd amount of food-eatin' and lots of laughin'

^ I was laughing in this pic ^

I was sick in the middle of last week and I was SUCH a baby about it. Usually, I am pretty good at "toughing it out," but I had been fighting off that bug for weeks as it went around and arouuuuunnnddd my school. Welp, it finally hit me and I am just so happy it is gone! It was hubs turn to take care of me and he was wonderful :)

Our baby names are posted and public. We have actually had them for over a year and we aren't very shy about sharing them, so if you've talked to us at all in the past year, you probably already know our names. Autumn is a name that we just love and we literally picture our baby girl as Autumn, an adorable, sweet little girl. Elizabeth is a middle name for numerous women in both of our families and we are excited to pass along the tradition. Theodore is the name of my grandfather on my mom's side and as his name is "Ted" we love the nickname "Theo." Lloyd is Parker's middle name and we will be passing that along!

2 more weeks until we know who it is!!  I am SOOOO excited!

This week is spring break so there will be lots of sleeping and eating and walking and most importantly, relaxing.

Here's to a bigger belly and week 17!

*Silly candid Tina snapped of me and Parks*
if you look closely you can spy all Parker's Yuengling

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  1. You are adorable!! Can't wait to find out who's in there! :)