06 April 2014

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes and a 14-week Belly!

Well, I'm pregnant... and y'all already know that, but sometimes I just like saying it.

We went to meet with our doctor last week and all reports were golden! We have one healthy little baby growing in my belly!

This little Jones family has gone through quite a few changes these past two weeks. Personally, I am feeling MUCH better overall. Nausea only appears a couple times a week and it usually just reminds that I am hungry... so I eat... and then I'm not nauseous anymore. I still fall asleep very early and work days are tiring, but my overall exhaustion level has gone down a ton. My belly is growing and growing and my clothes are getting tighter and tighter.

Week 14 belly:

The biggest change we have gone through is our decision that Parker is going to be a stay-at-home daddy!!! We went back and forth about who would stay home and the best decision for our family was that Parker stays home with our little one. He has been working hard on his blog/web design business for about a year and it is something he loves to do, so we actually decided that Parker would quit sooner rather than later to build up the biz as much as he could before baby's arrival. It has been 2 weeks now that Parks has been home and we are both loving it.

He has been working every day and when I come home the dishes are done, the house is clean, and life is just easier! We go on an afternoon walk together to catch up on our day and then (since I don't have to do anything else around the house) I cook us some dinner!

Life is good and we are blessed.

After some discussion with other family members, we have some even bigger changes coming up too... but I will save those for a later date when things are a bit more finalized.

Here's to a healthy, happy, easy (hopefully) 2nd trimester!

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  1. Awww...I love this pic...the "she says, he says" is adorable!