13 April 2014

15 Weeks!

That baby is bumpin' these days and I am loving it!

Here is a little week 15 update:

This coming August, us Joneses (me, Parker, our 2 cats, and one big ole belly) will be moving into my parents house... YIKES! It'll be a lot of people in one place, but they are doing us a huge favor and letting us save up for a house a heck of a lot quicker. 

It'll also be nice to have some extra hands to help take care of Baby Jones come October. Eight extra hands to be exact. I won't get to decorate a nursery just yet, but we will still be able to do all that fun stuff when we get our house next year and FINALLY become homeowners!

Looks like we will be packing and moving again... we're becoming pretty good at this ;)

1 comment:

  1. You look beautiful; seriously. Don't get too bogged down about moving in with the folks, or feel left out about not decorating a nursery and all that..I did the same thing BOTH my sons (we don't have great timing & were transitioning at both times in our lives) and I don't feel any regret about it. As soon as we got our own place, I got to put my own spin on their adorable rooms, and they don't even remember, so it obviously did no harm;D Keep taking care of you, that "bump", and your hubby….that's all that matters! You look great!