17 March 2014

Day 1... PREGNANT!

I wrote this on Friday, January 24th:

Today is THE DAY.

THE DAY, people... THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is the day I found out I was pregnant.

Right now... as I type... I am sitting here... pregnant. HA!

I woke up this morning at 5AM and took my temperature, per usual. It was 98.6 degrees about .5 degrees higher than normal. I thought that was a bit weird since it is usually about this time (11 days past suspected ovulation) that my temperature starts to drop and then comes a new cycle.

This cycle was an important one because it was the cycle we were going to start our fertility testing. She told us to keep trying for this last month and we did just that. We tried..... a lot.... and it looks like it worked!!

So anyways, after my temperature was higher than normal, I decided to pee on a stick just to check before I was got in the shower. I put in my contacts and looked down. I had NO expectation of actually being pregnant. With blurry eyes, I looked down and saw this:

^Shaky hands, dirty bath math, reads: pregnant 1-2 (weeks)^

My hand was shaking as I picked up that little stick of urine and read it over and over and over and over. 

I then put on a towel and immediately walked into the bedroom and turned on the lights as Parker was sound asleep. He was annoyed that I turned the lights on and groaned a whiny-sounding, "whhhaaaat?!" but his face and attitude quickly changed as he saw me, tears in my eyes, holding a pregnancy test in his face. "You're pregnant?!?!?!?" he asked. "YES!" I exclaimed, still in disbelief. With tears in our eyes, we hugged and kissed, and then I got ready for work. Parker took the day off.... to celebrate.... or at least I think that was his excuse....

*Just to be clear, I had this day planned for awhile and I was going to do something really cute and special to tell Parker that we were expecting. However, those plans would've required that I don't tell him until we he got home from work at 6pm. That was NOT happening... maybe for baby #2*

I spent all day smiling and sometimes letting happy tears fall down my face. I also went to Target and bought about 12 more pregnancy tests, seeing as I know I will be testing every week until I go to the doctor and probably still after that. Paranoid? Possibly.

I actually don't have many questions at this point. I am too filled with HAPPY to care about anything else. This is what we have wanted so badly and now is our time!

I can't wait to share the news with all of YOU out there, but you will have to wait. We will likely tell all our family ASAP and my best friend shortly after that. All y'all however will have had to wait... until now!

All posts won't be baby-related, but I'm sure the majority will be, because...well.... I'm just too damn excited to write about anything else.

This blastocyst and I need some rest, so off I go to bed. A pregnant woman, sleeping. That is me.


This was the little pregnancy announcement photo I made:


  1. I am so excited and crying as I read this! That lovely moment when you tell your husband is so special! I too also wanted to tell him in a special way. Yeah, that didn't happen. I peed on a stick at 3am and we stood there blurried eyed too looking at our "pregnant" test!!! I can't say congrats enough!!!

  2. Way too stinking excited for you. Bring on the baby posts. Can't wait to read all about your sweet baby and pregnancy. Congrats friend :)

  3. So very happy for you and your hubby! You are such an inspiring, amazing teacher (from what I can tell from your teacher-blog-posts!) and I'm certain you will be just as fabulous a mommy! CONGRATS!!!

  4. So SUPER happy for y'all! What a special moment to finally share, even if it didn't go 'as planned'. Congrats!!

  5. I am thrilled for you! My husband and I finally had our baby and we've been together forever! I'm nursing my lil cutie right now! Enjoy your pregnancy, take care of yourself, and get as much done as you need to because once he or she is born your life will be forever changed! Congratulations!

  6. Congratulations Susan (and Parker)! How blessed you are!

  7. This is such a fun post to read! Congratulations!!!!!

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