20 January 2014

The Haps.

2014 is now in full swing.

The Christmas decorations are finally down, school is back in action, and my life is full with family and friends!

Here is a little rundown about we've been up to this past month:


Parker and I spent Christmas with his family in Denver! It was my first time enjoying the holiday with Parker's family and it was so special to see in action all the traditions my husband has told me about. Romy was gracious enough to be our hostess with the mostest in her adorable condo right in downtown Denver.

(Just a little appetizer...)
When we got back from Denver, I had my family over and hosted a dinner party using our China for the first time :) The Morans exchanged our secret Santa gifts and I made out with a new pair Hudson jeans - SCORE! Thanks, Mom ;)

A little over a month ago, my primary recommended I go to a fertility specialist to see what has been going on. A couple weeks ago we had our first meeting with our new fertility specialist to go over testing and options that are ahead of us over the next few months. It was a bit nerve-wracking meeting her for the first time, but she put us at ease pretty quickly as she got to know us and informed us in detail about the process that will take place over the next few months. Right now, we are in the initial testing phase to determine the exact cause of my *possible* infertility. We are at the very beginning of this journey and we are very hopeful! In the meantime, we just get to keep trying the natural way and see what happens!

2014 needed a new look and I decided what better way to change it up, than to chop off all my hair. Parker and I both love it and I can say that it is a heck of a lot easier to get ready in the morning with my new 'do.

Many friends and family are getting married in 2014 and it is SO exciting! Parker and I just helped our friends celebrate their bachelor and bachelorette parties this weekend. His party included a trip to the local casino & resort, while my party included lots of drag queens, comedy, and dancing! Parks and I have been married for exactly 4 months and I can't wait to sit next to him at all these upcoming weddings and squeeze his hand and remember our special day as we celebrate others' happiness!

There is so much to look forward to in 2014 including a trip to Texas, a Teachers Pay Teachers conference in Las Vegas, vacationing (hopefully somewhere warm) with Parker this summer, and finishing my first year teaching here in MA!


  1. You two have been busy! Good luck with all of your fertility appointments. You will be in my thoughts!

  2. Love the update! And prayers for you as you enter the first stages of testing. It can be nerve wracking, I've been there! But what helped me was keeping an open mind and knowing that the "normal" way may not be our "normal". And even though we didn't conceive the "normal" way, it still got us pregnant and we will take our new "normal" any day! Have so much fun at all of your upcoming weddings! That's my favorite part too :) Holding Kyle's hand and remembering our special day! Also, when are you coming to Texas?! Let me know when you're here!


  3. Oh girl...I've been there with the fertility docs...my oldest is an IUI baby, my youngest is in IVF baby...not sure why my body did not know how to get pregnant again the second time after IUI worked the first time (on the first "basting")...it was quite a journey...as is parenthood.

    LOVED all your pics! And new Hudson jeans?! LOVE!!!

    You guys are adorable!