26 December 2014

Our First Christmas!

Tis the season!

The holidays are just so much more fun with a child. Theo won't remember his first Christmas and he didn't get a whole lot of gifts (as he doesn't need much at this point), but we will remember it with happy hearts. He has made our life so full. One look at his smiling little face just lights up my day. I think he may have that effect on a few others around here too ;)

We spent the holiday here at home with a full house of Moranimals. Theo and I woke up early and we were all excited for Christmas morning!

We all ate way too much, drank lots of wine, and played entirely too many board games. It couldn't have been any more perfect. 2014 was a year full of surprises and adventures and us Joneses can't wait to see what's in store for 2015!

I hope you all had a very, merry Christmas and enjoyed the fun with friends and family.
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08 December 2014

Two Months!

Baby Theo!!!!! 

My little guy is SO big now. Every day he gets longer and chunkier and his head gets bigger and bigger.

He weighed in at 13lbs 2.5oz and he is 23.5inches long! He is 70th percentile in both and his big ole squash of a head is in the 90th percentile. This is HUGE growth. Especially in the weight department when at 2 weeks my little nugget was only 5th percentile :( Momma, Daddy and Doc are thrilled.

Grow, Theo, grow!

Tomorrow Theo gets to meet Parker's mom for the first time and we are very excited!! I am sure he will be giving her lots and lots of smiles.
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30 November 2014

Baby Friends!

The last couple weeks have been filled with family, friends, and fun times.

Theo has been more awake and alert than ever and is practicing his smiling skills:
My little old man!!

He has been practicing holding his head up, kicking his legs, and making all sorts of noises. It has been so fun to watch him go and interact with him so much during the day.

Theo had his very first Thanksgiving with our family over at my aunt's house and he was such a good boy! He was the "big" baby over at the house since my cousin and his wife just had an adorable little girl, Abby.
Aunt Weezy and baby T

 Our first family photo!

Four generations: Great Grammy, Grammy, Momma, and Theo

Baby Theo and sweet baby Abby! 6 days old vs. 7 weeks old

Theo also went to his first tree lighting in downtown Salem!
He woke up right after they lit the tree!

 A couple days after Thanksgiving, we went to my friend, Shayla's house to hang out with two other babies we love. It has been so fun to see the developmental differences between Theo and all his little baby friends. Seeing baby Abby made us cherish the few weeks we have already had with him. It goes SO fast. We couldn't even remember that he was that small. Then, when we saw Charlie and Rhett we got to see a bit into the future. The noises, the crawling, the playing! So much more to look forward to.

Baby Theo and Baby Charlie (7 weeks and 7 months) 

Playing on the mat! You can really see Theo's male pattern baldness here ;) 

Rhett, Charlie and Theo chillin on the couch! (10 months, 7 months, 7 weeks)

I love these little play dates... especially when they come with wine in the middle of the day or beer at the end of a long night ;) I find a couple glasses of wine makes this mommy much more relaxed!
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08 November 2014

Where does the time go?! One month!

One dang month! I have had a child for one whole month. AH!

This has been one of the craziest, most sleep-deprived, emotional times of my life. It has also been the most rewarding by far. I get to see this face every day and know that he is mine:
Theo is growing and thriving every single day. He is now MUCH more aware of everything going on around him and can focus on our faces. We are still waiting for a smile, but I have gotten a few smirks here and there.

We have basically realized that parenting is all trial and error. We have spent the past month trying to figure out what Theo needs and wants with every grunt, cry, and coo. We had a particularly hard time when he was losing weight and we weren't sure why. It took two days of non-stop breastfeeding, crying (both me and baby), and little sleep to realize that he wasn't getting enough milk. This was confirmed when we went to the doctor the next day and found out that he had lost a bunch of weight. I cried and cried that night and took it really hard when we started supplementing with formula. I didn't think I would care as much as I did, but I really enjoyed breastfeeding and he was doing SO well with it. Then to find out that he wasn't getting enough hurt. All I wanted to do was feed my son and I felt like I couldn't. Two weeks later, I am feeling just fine about supplementing. It is hard to argue when Theo is gaining weight and is as healthy as can be! Plus... I certainly don't mind the fact that Parker can take the 2am feeding shift and let me sleep a solid 6 hours in a row. We did have an encouraging appointment with the lactation consultant and are working on upping my supply in the meantime.

We try our hardest and that's all we can do!

Onto some 1 month pictures:

As I type, we are waiting for Theo to meet Parker's dad for the first time! We are SO excited for him to meet his first family member on Parker's side and I will certainly be taking some pictures to share.

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22 October 2014

Baby Theo's Birth Story - Part 2!

First, let me just say... my son hates pictures:
well... I still think he's adorable.

Alrighty, where were we?!

Last I remember, I had just gotten my epidural and was in sweet, sweet heaven.

Once the epidural had kicked in, it was time for Parker and I to get some much needed rest. He passed out pretty quickly on the chair next to me and I fell right asleep. Unfortunately, about an hour and a half later I woke up to a doctor, a midwife, 2 nurses and a nursing student all in my room staring at my monitor. Apparently, little Theo's heart rate had dropped quite a bit after a big contraction and they were trying a few different maneuvers to get it back up. Thankfully, after a few nudges and rolls by momma his heart rate went back up to normal.

The medical team was still a little concerned so they put an internal monitor on Theo to keep an eye on the little bugger. Then, I went back to sleep.

Sure enough about an hour later, Theo's heart rate dropped again and everyone was back in my room watching, prodding, poking, and waiting to see if it would rise again... and at the last minute before they would have scheduled me a C-Section, it would rise and stay. This happened over and over from 6:30am up until I delivered Theo at 2:12pm. Even through my pushing, I would have to breathe a few contractions away and not push in order to give Theo time to get his heart rate up again. Poor boy was stressed!

Meanwhile, my mom and sister got to the hospital around 5am and were prepared to wait it out until baby Theo was born. My OB even tried to tell my mom to go home and sleep for a bit, but she was NOT having it. In fact, this is how she passed the time while Parks and I were resting:
running around the tables in the waiting room.

Parker and I were in a bit of disbelief as we went in and out of naps. We would wake up, look at each other, and laugh as we told one another, "dude we're gonna have a baby today."

Around noon, Parker and I were up for good and I had progressed to 8.5 centimeters. I was waiting to feel the "pressure" and "urge to push" that everyone kept telling me about. My sister had gone out to get Parker coffee and a bagel and when they came back we chatted for a bit until I got a contraction in which I felt a lotttttttt of pressure. I had them leave the room and I called the nurse. I was still only at 8-9cm and my contractions were 8-10 minutes apart. Although I was feeling the urge to push, I was told I had to wait until they got closer together and were a bit stronger. About an hour later, my team suggested a small dose of pitocin to see if we could get the contractions to get closer together and it worked pretty much instantaneously. The very next contraction was stronger and they started coming every couple minutes. Parker and I went through a few contractions on our own before we called the nurse. This time, when we called them, the midwife came with gloves on!

We knew it was SHOWTIME!

I thought that the pushing couldn't be worse than the contractions, but for me... it was! I hated the pushing. Everyone told me that I would feel pressure and it would feel like... ya know... you had to go to the bathroom.... but it was PAINFUL! I pushed and pushed and pushed for about 40 minutes. I pushed on my back while holding my legs, then I moved to all fours and pushed like that, then went back to my back. The worst for me was when I had to breathe through a few contractions to help Theo's heart rate come back up. It was really difficult to fight the urge to push.

I was in a daze during these 40 minutes. I saw nurses and doctors come in and out. I knew Parker was next to me, but I wasn't looking at anyone or interacting with anyone. I just wanted to PUSH HIM OUT. I  remember very distinctly during the "crowning" looking at the nurses and saying "this really f*cking hurts!!!!* With about 10 minutes left of pushing, I heard the nurse ask Parker how he was doing and his voice cracked as he told her he was getting emotional. I can also remember the doctor coming in at 2pm and saying that I would have this baby before 2:15. I could see the light!

I didn't even know I had pushed his head out until the midwife was showing Parker and I could see tears in his eyes. With two more big pushes, I felt the biggest rush and relief as my son came out. Tears were streaming down my face and Parker was staring at our son all teary-eyed as Theo was placed on my chest. It was the most amazing and surreal moment in my life. We had a son! I had just birthed a real-life human. WHAT!?

I laid in bed for about 2 hours as Theo nursed (like a champ - I might add) and as he got measured, weighed, and vaccinated. While he was going through his tests, I could hear my mom, my aunt, my dad and my sister waiting anxiously in the hallway. My gramma and papa came right away too. About one hour after our sweet baby boy was born, it was time to meet the family!
 Anxiously waiting!

 Grammy and Great Aunt, Ann! - SUPER emotional ;)

 Meeting Grammy for the first time

 Hi, aunt T-T!


 Sweet boy with Grampa and Aunt Tina

 Ann holding Theo! Ann is going to be a grammy herself in less than a month! YAY!

 Big Theodore and little Theodore. Papa was so proud to meet Theo and we are so proud to have named him after such an amazing man!

 Gramma and Theo!

Grammy, Momma, and baby!

After that, it was two nights in the hospital and we brought Theo home, sweet, home! Parker and I had such an amazing experience at our hospital and loved the nurses, doctors, and midwives that took care of us. We really felt like we were in great hands and trusted all their advice and opinions. We were also lucky enough to have a long-time family friend as our nurse throughout my labor and delivery. She took care of us big time and we are SO thankful to her. She made Theo's birth extra special :)

Oh, by the way... all the pushing I did?! I broke all the blood vessels in my face and upper arms! My whole face was covered in bright red/purple spots. I tried to take a picture, but this does NOT do it any justice:
My dad said it looked like I had gotten seriously beaten up and Parker said it looked like my face was covered in purple freckles. He swears he thought I looked really cute like that. Oy!

Fast forward to 2 weeks:
Baby boy gained 13.5oz in 5 days!!! He eats all dang day, but then sleeps for two long stretches (4-5 hours each stretch) at night. We hear we are very lucky for this and we actually feel well rested when we wake up.

Sleeping in the rock & play (THANK YOU, LAURA!)
Meeting family and getting snuggles from them
Sleeping in bed with momma
Lifting and bobbing his head all around
Going for walks

Pictures (obviously)
Changing clothes
Sitting still
Diaper changes

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15 October 2014

Baby Theo's Birth Story - Part One!

The last time I posted was Tuesday, October 7th. We had lots of doctor appointments that day and we were waiting on our baby boy's arrival! I went to sleep around 10pm and before I went to bed, I gave Parker a kiss and told him this could be the last night we go to sleep without our son! I had been saying that every night since his due date.

At 12:30am I woke up in a lot of pain. I had been having some painful Braxton Hicks contractions for the past couple weeks (especially when I had a full bladder) so I went upstairs to use the restroom and hopefully relieve some pain. It didn't work, but the pain subsided about a minute later so I didn't think much of it and went back to bed. I hadn't fallen asleep yet, when I had another painful contraction at 12:45. This was the first time I had had consecutive contractions! I went out into the living room and told Parker that I had two in a row and we should wait and see if there would be more! I also let him know that they could easily go away and maybe I would go into labor some day soon.

Eight minutes later, I had a really painful contraction in my lower back that lasted for about a minute. Three in a row! Parker and I were getting excited. We had known from all our research that early labor for a first time mom can last from 6-12 hours so we started chatting about what we could do in the middle of the night to get through my early labor. I had wanted to rest in bed, but seeing as I was having the contractions in my back, lying down made the pain worse. So we walked around our living room and anxiously talked about getting the last items in our hospital bag. However, our talking didn't last long because only 5 minutes later, I had a stronger, longer contraction.

We thought it was a little odd that my contractions were getting closer and closer already, so we used an app on my phone to time the contractions. After those first 3 contractions, I began having contractions every 3-5 minutes and each one lasted 45 seconds to a minute. They were also getting increasingly painful. We didn't think I could be in active labor already, so we thought we would wait longer before calling the doctor. My main fear was getting to the hospital and having them send me home if I wasn't far enough along.

Knowing this could be it, we both took a shower and finished packing the bags. When Parker was in the shower, I was having trouble breathing through the contractions on my own and noticed they were STILL getting closer and more painful. All I could think was that it was happening too fast! When Parker saw the pain I was in and how quickly they were coming, he called the doctor. She told us it sounded like I was definitely in active labor and I could wait out the next hour at home and try to get through labor in the comfort of my own home, but if they get any closer to come by the hospital.

At that point, it was 3am and the contractions were staying about 3-4 minutes apart and with the help of Parker massaging my lower back, I was able to get through them. I wanted to stay home as long as possible, so Parker and I looked through our distraction/pain management list we had made in preparation. 

BROWNIES! Yes... I thought we could make some brownies for the nurses and that would take about half an hour to help pass time. So we started to make brownies. Parks and I were both a bit nervous about everything that was happening which resulted in us using the wrong brownie pan, Parker adding too much oil, and us not greasing the pan before we put the brownies in the oven. Ha! During that disaster of an idea, my contractions got increasingly more painful and back massages weren't helping anymore. Instead, I resorted to light moaning, but let me tell you, back labor SUCKS. With only 10 minutes left of baking, Parker and I knew we couldn't wait any longer. We had to head to the hospital. 

So Parks packed the car up, we said goodbye to my mom and at 4am I reluctantly hopped in the car for the 15 minute ride to the hospital. I did not want to sit in the car. The pain was right in my back and sitting/lying was the worst way for me to deal with the pain. Alas, I hopped in and we were at the hospital by 4:20. I don't remember much from the ride, but Parker tells me right before a contraction would come, I would say "No, no, no, no not another one... noooooooo!" and then breathe/moan/scream through it.

When we got to the hospital, I was having contractions 2-3 minutes apart and I thought for sure I was having our baby any minute, but when they checked me I was only 2.5-3cm!!! I was so upset, but they assured me I wasn't going anywhere and was in active labor. At that point, I immediately asked the nurse for an epidural. Parker and I had talked about what we wanted and we didn't feel strongly either way about using an epidural vs. an all natural birth, so we thought we would see how it goes when the time came. Well... the time came, I felt what I needed to feel and an epidural was exactly what we both wanted for me. It took another 45 minutes before all was said and done and Parker was such a trooper helping me through the contractions. I basically sounded like a loud donkey and I had to stare into his eyes while breathing "WHOOOOO-HEEEEEEE, WHOOOOO-HEEEEEE." He tried very hard not to laugh, but I would catch him smirking every once in awhile! Immediately after the epidural, I threw up everywhere (fun side effect) and then, I was one happy, happy pregnant lady:
About 10 minutes after my epidural. Pure Bliss.

I will write Part 2 later this week, but surprise! Here is how it ended:

Parker and I are beyond thrilled to introduce our son, Theodore "Theo" Lloyd Jones:

He was born at 2:12pm on October 8th. He weighed in at 7lbs 5oz and was 19inches long.
He is perfection and today he is already a week old... and I already cried about it. OY!

Eating! Boy eats just about every hour and I am breastfeeding... so this momma is tired!
Being held
Sleeping in his Snugga-Puppy bouncer seat
Driving in the car
When momma and daddy sing "you are my sunshine"
Listening to momma and daddy talk to each other

Sleeping in his bassinet
Changing his diaper
Going to the doctor
Getting his newborn photos taken

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07 October 2014

40 Weeks!

Well, well, well... 3 days past my due date and our baby boy is still not here.

I know it is more than normal for babies to wait a couple weeks past their due date, but I am so hoping baby boy makes his arrival on his own! Parker and I and our doctor have decided we will not be going past 42 weeks. Either way, Theo will be here soon enough and for now, we are practicing the ever-important virtue of patience.

Parks did give me my "push present" on his due date as a little pick-me-up! It is beautiful bracelet and the opals are for Theo's birthstone:

Here is my 40 week update as I am now 3 days "overdue"

Let's get a move-on Theo!
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30 September 2014

39 Weeks and we are waaaaiiiittiiinnnggggg!

4 more days, people.... FOUR MORE DAYS!

Parks and I can hardly believe it. We are giddy and excited and I am much less nervous than I was even a week ago. The fact that labor could start at any moment is a very odd feeling, but mostly, we just can't wait to meet our baby boy!

My maternity leave started this week and it has been SO nice to relax before Theo makes his big arrival. I have been sleeping, cooking, cleaning, and nesting out the wazoo.  I am very thankful I have been able to take the time and spend it with my hubs and family. 

Here is the bump update:

Hoping there will only be ONE more belly pic... but we shall see what Theo has in store.

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20 September 2014

38 Weeks and Our First Anniversary!

One year ago today, I married my best friend in front of all of my favorite people.

I think back on that day and cry all over again. Seeing Parker and feeling his heart pound against me during our first look gives me goosebumps. It was such a magical day and our first year of matrimony has been full of fun surprises.

I cannot wait to see what happens this next year as we prepare for our first son! Most likely, life will get a lot more hectic and difficult with a little one... but it will be wonderful, new and exciting all at the same time. We will argue and cry and become sleep-deprived maniacs living in my mom's basement, but we can't wait :)

Here is my big ole belly pic for week 38:

See ya next week....?
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17 September 2014

37 weeks and our basement living!

37 weeks means FULL TERM!
Yes, I know... Theo should cook for a bit longer and I'm okay with that.

As long as he isn't in there TOO much longer ;) This momma is hurtin'

This is what week 37 looks like:
I thought it was the most accurate portrayal of a day in the life at this point.
Pjs on, birthing ball, no hair/makeup, lookin' tired!

This week I had to switch for an earlier doctor's appointment since I was having some pretty bad pain in my upper right abdomen. Fortunately, everything is fine with baby Theo. Unfortunately for me, I have a strained muscle in my stomach and doc said the pain will unlikely go away until after Theo makes his debut. There is not much healing the muscle can do with the way Theo karate kicks all day.

Between the new tummy pain, the constant back pain, and the overall uncomfortableness of being really large and in charge this lady is READY to meet her son!

Parker seems to think I will go into labor within a week! I think it'll be a littttttllleee bit longer. I am preparing though. Our bags are packed and ready to go, our basement apartment is constantly getting cleaned and organized, and then re-cleaned and re-organized.

Speaking of which, I realized I never shared some "after" pics of our little basement living area.

Now, we are well aware that this is still a dingy basement and this isn't any HGTV reveal... however we worked SO hard to make this a very livable area for Parks, Theo and myself. I am proud!

Here is the before:

These 2 bedroom pics were after we had started. We ripped up the carpet, painted the entire room, and installed a closet organizer.

This is the main living area. The blue "carpet" was  super thin and old and dusty and you could feel the concrete underneath your feet as you walked. The ceilings and walls had never been painted and were just primed. They also had holes and scratches all over the place. The top of the ledge (under the windows) was unfinished wood and the circuit breaker box was just a big open box of wires (you can see it past my brother's head on the right wall). The rest of the basement was filled with boxes and my mom's sewing stuff.

Mind you, this was all fine and dandy since my family's bedrooms and main living/dining areas are on the upper two levels and this basement hadn't really been used in 10 years!

When Parks and I decided to use the space, we knew we had to make it more livable and to save money, we overtook a big DIY project! And by we... I mean my mom and hubs.

 New carpet on the stairs, new paint, installed railing for safe walking up and down :)

 The new living space! My mom and Parks installed wainscoting all around the bottom wall of the basement, installed molding at the top, and painted the unfinished ledges white.

 The circuit breaker box is now covered up with a gray little door and new carpet is installed! We also have an IKEA area rug to help define the space.

 On the opposite wall, is our TV, exercise equipment, my birthing ball, and Theo's bouncer (covered up so our cats don't make it their new home).

On the other side of the room is a treadmill, Parker's office space and a bunch of baskets filled with storage. It is still cluttered, but as we said, this is only a temporary home and Parker, Theo, 2 cats and myself have way too much stuff for a space this size.

 Walking into the bedroom...

Our queen bed and Parker's one and only bureau - thank goodness he doesn't have that many clothes ;)

Theo's bassinet and our storage place for all our toiletries and hair products and more. We don't have our own bathroom, of course, so Parker installed these shelves for us which work great!

Our new closet is packed to the brim with all my clothes clothes (that still fit) and Parker's dress shirts. Under the bed, I have 4 of the big ole tupperware cases filled with my pre-pregnancy clothes. As they begin to fit again, I will switch them out!

So there you have it!

It is small, we know, but it is temporary and it's the fastest way for us to save for our first home! We hope to start looking this winter and move by spring/early summer. We shall see what happens.

Our little space wouldn't be here without all the hard work of my mom and hubs! They worked for MONTHS to do everything and I only wish I had better before pictures to show you so you could see more progress!

And no worries, we bought my mom a new latptop to show our thanks for all her hard work!! She carries it all over the house with her and calls it her "portable computer." My parents are a little behind the times....

Oh, and my hubs got a BIG ole smile and high-5 from me as his thanks :) He called this project his "nesting phase" and he has surely taken care of Theo and I so far. He is such a good daddy already, I can't wait to see him take care of Theo after he is born!
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