08 November 2013

Mrs. Susan Jones & Some Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Can we talk about the fact that it is pitch black out at 5pm?!


Can we also talk about the fact that THIS happened this week:
I surprised Parkster on Tuesday after spending the day at the RMV, Social Security office, and bank. I am, according to almost every legal document, a JONES! I think I am still going to carry around my marriage license with me since I have been having trouble proving my identity everywhere I go!

I have been writing (far too many) notes home from school all year as "Mrs. Susan Jones" but to see it on my license makes it feel real. And it makes me giggle... tehehehe.

Alrighty, moving on...

I was in full-on housewife mode this past Tuesday. After I spent the day waiting in line-after-line and going to the dentist, I went grocery shopping, cleaned the apartment, AND made dinner for the hubs.

I should have won an award.

I didn't... but I told Parker that I would appreciate some flowers every once in a while.
I've never really been subtle.

This is what I made:
 I paired it with some sparkling apple cider. I may or may not have upwards of 7 extra bottles leftover from the wedding :)

This recipe is one of our favorites and it is SO easy!

Ground turkey breast
Peppers (we like red and green)
Whole Grain rice
Bread crumbs
Red Onion
Tomato Sauce
Mozzarella Cheese

This is a recipe that requires little measuring, you just add more or less of whatever you like!

Chop some red onion and mushrooms and throw them into a warm saute pan with a little olive oil. I move the vegetables over to one side of the pan and cook the ground turkey on the other side of the pan until it is cooked through. I also add a dash of salt and sprinkle lots of italian bread crumbs all over the turkey while it is cooking.
 ^How cute is that salt container?!^
Once the turkey is cooked, mix the vegetables in with the turkey and turn the burner off. Meanwhile, heat up the rice in the microwave (I use Uncle Ben's Ready Rice - so easy). Add a cup or so of tomato sauce to the meat and stir in the cooked rice before adding them to the prepared peppers. Top off with some mozzarella cheese and throw the pan in the microwave.
I nuke them for 7 minutes, until the peppers are warm and easy to cut and the cheese is melted!

Total Prep & Cooking time: 15-20 minutes

Happy Veteran's Day weekend :)

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