24 November 2013

Bits & Pieces

Our apartment is starting to take shape. We tackled the living room first and it has felt homey for the past couple months. Now, we are tackling the black hole of a dining room that has been holding boxes and boxes of wedding gifts.

Last Thursday, we received our custom-built dining room table that my mother-in-law gifted us. It is gorgeous. Parker and I wanted a square table as it fits better in the space and we like the idea of everyone sitting closer together. We also love to play board games (and poker) and we thought a square table would work great. I think we were right :)
 I love, love, love it. (Thank you, Wendes!)
After my mother-in-law did the hard work and researched a bunch of options for us, we chose the website, Countryside Amish Furniture. We were able to pick the style, size, and choice of wood/color/stain all from the website! We did wait a little over 2 months before we received the table since they make everything to order, but it was worth the wait! We are already talking about ordering a bedroom set from them.

Our dining room chairs are from IKEA. Vegas doesn't have an IKEA anywhere close, so I am happy to be about an hour away from the mega-store. After a few failed trips to Homegoods to find 8 dining room chairs, my light bulb went off. OF COURSE we had to go to IKEA! My little sister, Tina, took the trek with me and we searched the store top-to-bottom for some chairs before I found ones I loved. We went with two different styles and they are all black wood. At $49-$89 dollars per chair, you really can't beat it! They are also really sturdy and took about an hour to build all 8.
^Tina's first trip to IKEA, complete with cinnamon rolls^
In case you're interested:

After a long night of shopping, building and eating our first meal on our new table, I was ready to take a break from the decorating. That is.... until I saw a china cabinet on Craigslist that I had to have! I have been scouring Craigslist for about a month now and there were plenty of china cabinets to choose from, but they were either way too expensive or not my style. The one I found was in Salem, I liked the look, and it was only $125! I thought it might be too good to be true, but we made the trip down to Salem and we bought it right then and there. I am now in the process of filling it with my china, glasses, and other goodies:
A few days ago we had a whole lotta nothing going on in our dining room and now we have a whole new set up ready and waiting for dinner parties and guests and poker nights and romantic dinners. 
Bit by bit our little apartment is feeling like home.

Happy happy.

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  1. Love seeing your progress!! Now we all gotta keep up with the Jones' for reals ;)