13 October 2013

Fall & Some Awkward White Lady Dancing!

The air is crisp and the leaves are all shades of oranges, yellows, and reds.

I am a happy lady.

It is Sunday morning and this is the view from my 2nd floor apartment:

A storm might be brewin' but I will gladly listen to the rain and thunder on this long weekend - I have missed Fall in New England!!

I had said in my last post, that I would share some of the FUN we had on our honeymoon. It was the best vacation I have ever, ever been on. Cruising is the perfect vacation for Parker and I, as a couple. I could lay on the beach for 7 days straight, but Parker would be bored in 7 minutes. The cruise had so many things for us to do together and separately!

We chose our cruise based on the boat. We had seen a documentary on the Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas a few years ago and we were sold. It is the biggest cruise ship at sea and has SO much to do. It has its own central park, a Starbucks, the Broadway show, Chicago, a mini-golf course, zip-line, and more on board.

We stopped in:
Labadee, Haiti
Falmouth, Jamaica
and Cozumel, Mexico

I will confess..... we were having so much fun ON the boat that we actually didn't get off the boat in Mexico... woops! We don't regret that decision at all - we could've spent another week on that boat and still not have seen or done everything on the boat!

Here are a few highlights from the cruise:
Our ha-uge boat!

Labadee, Haiti:
One of our excursions was a 30 person catamaran to the private island above! We spent a little over an hour just lounging in the crystal clear water of our own, little paradise. Heavenly.

The theater onboard.
We saw Chicago, Star Trek 3D, The Newlyweds game show and played BINGO here in the big theater.

Falmouth, Jamaica
We went on a 5 hour excursion in Jamaica to explore the Dunns River Falls and the Green Grotto Caves. The falls were gorgeous, but packed, as we climbed all the way to the top! I got to be the "line leader" and felt like the coolest kid in class. The highlight of the caves was seeing the grotto at the bottom, it was crystal clear. However, I could've done without all the bats along the tour.

 A little putt-putt on board.
^we did A LOT of this^
Champagne was my drink of choice throughout the week and we ate lots of "fancy-shmancy" 5 and 6 course meals. Our motto for the week was "YOHO!" You only honeymoon once.... so we kinda went all out... :)

Onboard ice-skating rink!
We didn't actually skate during the week, but around 11:30PM, they would cover the rink and have some "late-night" variety shows that were absolutely hilarious.

One of the "districts" on board. This is one side of the royal promenade. Just a little glimpse of how huge the boat was!

Lastly, I thought I would leave you with a little dancing....by ME! Each day there would be a public dance class in the royal promenade and I just happened to walk by during the Beyonce dance class. Obviously, I had to get in on that!

Tehehehehehe....No shame, here!

There are over 5,000 people on this boat and the theme of the cruise is that you're never going to see them again! So we all let loose, danced our bootys off, ate and drank everything, sang karoake, and participated in so many fun events!!

We are already planning a family cruise for the summer of 2014 on the same boat!


  1. You do realize you totally nailed the Beyonce choreography, right!? Happy you guys had a blast!! YOHO - love it!

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