30 September 2013

Well, What Am I Going to Do Now?!

My, oh my! These have simply been the best two weeks I could have ever asked for.

Parker and I have been surrounded by so much love and we are SO happy. We cannot say thank you enough to all our friends and family who helped make our wedding week so special.

There is so much wedding and honeymoon to talk about, but for now I thought I would share a few of my favorite pictures from the past few weeks:

Our photographers, Dan & Kendra, were phenomenal as we knew they would be. All our pictures aren't completed yet, but here are a few they have finished and edited!
Wedding Party!! I love these ladies and gents more than anything. When Parker and I are fortunate enough to spend time with one, two, or three of them we just laugh, laugh, laugh and we are so happy they could share in our special day with us.
(Sister, Brother, Sister, Parker, Me, Sister-in-Law, Brother-in-Law, Bestest Friend)

First look! 
This was my favorite part of the whole night. It was so intimate and although there were 2 photographers and about 20 men playing cornhole right next to us and taking pictures, it felt as though we were the only 2 people there. I couldn't see or hear anyone in these special minutes- it was the two of us ready to conquer the world. This was my reaction when Parker turned around and I saw that he had tears in his eyes. When I hugged him, his heart was racing so fast and I felt so calm.... it all just felt so right.

 My bouquet! Coral dahlias, and roses. Thank you, Darlene!

Our cake by Cakes for Occasions!

 Ceremony at Danversport Yacht Club!

Parks getting ready to read his vows. Sharing our vows was my second favorite part of the entire night. Parker and I wrote them together and we meant every word of what we wrote. I would read them every day again and again to remind us of our love and commitment to one another.

Special moments.

My beautiful sisters and handsome bro... they are too cool for school! And that is fo' sho'...

 Ladiesssssss, how lucky am I?!?

The one on the left is my handsome husband so you can be jealous. The one on the right, is my handsome brother-in-law who (I believe) is currently single, so feel free to send contact info ;)

Just kidding!.... Kind of....

My beautiful mother-in-law explaining the choice of song for her dance with Parker. She looks so happy!

I spent the past few days looking through facebook photos and I am very thankful that many of our guests took pictures of our special day! A few other faves from the night:
Walking down the aisle... my emotions may have gotten away from me as I was approaching Parker, but I was trying my hardest to keep it together. My pops helped me with that.

Brother and Moms. I love this picture for so many reasons, but mostly because of how similar it is to the picture above! My brother is looking at my mom just like my dad is looking at me and my mom and I have so much emotion on our faces... we have a hard time hiding that...

There are plenty more pictures that were shared on my facebook, if you want to see more! I have a few free wedding templates and fun details to share with you a bit later, but for now, I have to SLEEP! Parker and I have finally gotten settled back in our apartment as husband and wife after returning from our honeymoon and I am exhausted. I am excited to get back to some normalcy after a wild, crazy, and FUN last 3 months.

Signing out.

Mrs. Jones


  1. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Parker! Your day looked magical! So happy for you! :o)

  2. YEAH YEAH YEAH! I am so happy you did a first look!!! That was my favorite part of the whole day and you look sooo beautiful in that pic! Congratulations! I wish you and Parker all the best!

  3. You are one dang beautiful bride!!! Congrats, sweet friend!

  4. What a gorgeous day, Susan! My favorite picture is your "first look!" You just look so happy! Congrats on this very exciting time! Enjoy :)

    Lucky to Be in First

  5. What a magical day! Your "first look" picture made me teary...such a beautiful moment! Congratulations, again! :)