08 September 2013

DIY Centerpieces!

With only 12 days left to go, my MOH and I spent lots of time the past 2 weekends finishing the centerpieces. After one last trip to the florist, I am thrilled with the way they came out!

Finished product:

I found the wooden boxes at A.C. Moore and they were priced at 2 for $3! I wanted a warmer color, so I stained all the boxes with a walnut finish.

Inside each box, I used 2 Martinelli's apple juice bottles and 1 tall, Martinelli's sparkling cider. The individual apple juice bottles make the cutest little bud vases that Parker and I had been saving for awhile. All of the Martinelli's products were bought at Walmart and Stop & Shop.

^individual apple juice bottle^

I brought the above fake hydrangeas to show to our florist so she could see the colors we were going for. We wanted a coral flower with a gradient of oranges and yellows. She knew exactly what we wanted, but let us know that the flowers we could get would likely have more yellows and oranges, and less of the pinky-coral color this time of year. After looking at a few different flowers, we went with the dahlias (I love, love, love dahlias) and the roses.

For the table numbers, I just bought navy and ivory cardstock and used this fancy-shmancy paper punch to create the design on the corners. I am currently writing the numbers on the rest of the cards - one side is cursive and the other is just the number.

In my color scheme post, I mentioned how our wedding is a mix between summer and fall and I think these centerpieces add to that feel!

I am SO happy with them! What do you think?!


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    1. Thanks, Megan! 12 days left and I am beginning to feel a little crazy lol!!! I am just trying to enjoy the ride and finish these last few days of school before the wedding mayhem begins! :)