07 August 2013

Apartment Livin'

We have lived in our new apartment for 6 nights now and we are LOVING it here!

The place is still pretty empty, but we are enjoying finding the right pieces for our space. We are also enjoying the local restaurants! The downtown area is only 2 blocks away and it is filled with cute, local shops and eateries :)

Another reason we love living here, is that our landlords are AWESOME. Look what we found in our fridge on move-in day:

We still have lots to decorate but here is what we have done so far...
^Our new, king sized bed with Target gray and yellow quilt set!^

We needed a desk set-up immediately and I fell in love with this little red on at Target. The chair is also from Target and it has gotten a ton of use these past 6 days. That is in most part due to the fact that we didn't get our new couch until TODAY!

And there it is...
We love our big, gray couch from Bernie &  Phyls! The throw is from HomeGoods and the pillows, curtains, and shag rug are from Target. (Hmm... are you seeing a pattern here?)
You can see on the price tag, that this is from HomeGoods. I think this thing is retro and funky and I pretty much fell in love with it right away. My sister did not think it was "retro" or "funky." She just thought it was ugly, but I didn't care... I wanted it and now I have it! I think I may change out the knobs, but I don't know yet...

 Living in an oldddd, Massachusetts home is great for many reasons (real hardwood floors, loads of character, etc.) but the downside is these homes are usually lacking in closet space! I can tell you this place has no huge walk-in closets like my old Vegas apartment. We were in need of dressers immediately! We are currently in the process of building a dresser set from Target and you know how that goes... arguing, frustration, laughing, and then arguing again. So in the meantime, I found this cute little dresser on the street! Nothing like a good ole curbside pick up!

We have plenty more projects to share, but for now I have to go plop my tush on that sofa and start checking things off my wedding to-do list.

44 days! AH!

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  1. Hi I came across your blog looking for a cute red desk for my new apartment. I too was looking at the target desk. I just wanted to ask you, how comfortable it is. I noticed the cross bar in the middle of the desk and it looks a bit awkward. Just wondering. Thanks.