20 July 2013

TWO Months til "I Do!!!!"

First and foremost, I need to say a BIG congratulations to my future husband for landing a new job in New Hampshire!!!!!!!!! He worked so hard and endured quite the strenuous interview process to get this job, but he did it!! It for a research analyst position at a technology company which is right up his alley and I just know he will love working there.

Here he is before an interview lookin' sharp in his new suit. He even had a pocket square... gasp!
Photo: Well today is a big day, because Parker JUST got a new job in New Hampshire!!!!!! Congrats love!!!!!
Without further adieu... I am so excited to say that we are only 2 months away from the wedding!!! As all the vendors start calling asking for details and my hair starts turning gray... I try to relax every once in a while and remember that this day is all about Parker and I. It is about our commitment to love one another as we grow and change, to foster our relationship and to remind each other to stay silly and enjoy life.

I thought this would be a great time to re-post our proposal story that I shared on TGIF back in February. So here you are... this is my version of our proposal story:
All I wanted was a letter...

Parker spoiled me our first year dating. He has a way with words and wrote the sweetest letters and love notes a girl could ever ask for! I was smitten. Then... the letters stopped for a few years...

Each birthday, anniversary, and holiday he would shower me with gifts (who's complaining?!) but alas... I still wouldn't receive my letter. I would beg him to forget the gifts and just write me something, anything! Well, the night of December 29, 2011 I got everything I asked for and more.

Parker was away for Christmas with his family and I was home in our apartment waiting anxiously for him to come back. We always spent Christmas apart, but it was still a long 10 days that we couldn't see eachother. We spoke often over the phone and he had been extra "lovey-dovey" the few days leading up to his proposal, but I thought nothing of it. I knew FOR SURE we would not be getting engaged any time soon. FOR SURE, I tell you.

Thursday night came. It was a night that would change our life forever and I had no idea it was coming. I was too busy complaining, whining, and being a brat because Parker wanted me to dress up for his arrival back home. He said he was taking me out for a Christmas surprise. "Can't I just wear jeans?!?!??" I asked him repeatedly. 

With the patience of a saint, he assured me over and over "yes, you can wear jeans... but I prefer you wear a dress." I thought we were going to a show... he isn't very good at surprises... or so I thought.

A knock came at the door. It was him, finally! When I opened the door his smile was HUGE! "He must be happy I decided to wear a dress," I thought to myself. He told me I would have to wait a little bit longer to get my surprise and he asked if I wanted to open up some of the gifts his family got me.

Of course I did! The first was an envelope with a gift certificate from his mother. It was exactly what I wanted (thank you again, Wendes)! Next, was a big box with an envelope inside. Inside the box were some glass bowls from IKEA that were overlooked because all I could see was that the envelope had Parker's handwriting on the front.

(I was already crying)

My letter consisted of 4 different index cards filled with honest words of love and tenderness, most of which is too intimate to share with you all. What I will tell you, is that by card 3 I could feel the energy in the room shift. I knew something was happening. Tears were filling my eyes faster than I could read.

Card 4:
"I just want you to know that regardless of whether it is hurried or written, I will wholeheartedly love you for the rest of my life. Be my Partner, My Lover, My Wife. Please accept this ring and marry me. Love - now and always, Parker"
I looked up to see him on one knee, my canary diamond in his hand, asking me to be his wife. 

I have never been as happy as I was in that moment.
I hope to feel that way many more time in our lives together.


  1. So sweet. Lucky girl! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh my word. Susan. INCREDIBLE!! :) I'm crying for you! So happy for you, friend!!
    A Day in First Grade

  3. That is an incredible story! So happy you got your letter & much more! I'm in Boston now visiting my boyfriend's family - I'm not sure how you ever moved away! So happy for you you're back at "home!" Congrats to Parker for his job...especially in a tax free state, I've learned :)

    Lucky to Be in First