15 July 2013

In the meantime...

As I mentioned in my previous post we are *semi* settled here in Massachusetts.

Meaning.. We are not really that settled.

This is our current sleeping arrangement at the mom's house:
This is my old room which is barely big enough to fit my old bed and on the floor is a twin mattress that my sister sleeps on. All of us just squeezed in like sardines  :)

Quick story about my old mattress. When I was in high school I had a tiny, twin mattress and when I returned home for my first summer break my mattress had been replaced! I had a brand-spankin' new full mattress! It felt huge. For 2 weeks I loved that thing... but I noticed my siblings were giggling a bit too much whenever my mattress was mentioned. One day at dinner my brother asked me how my "new" mattress was for the ump-teenth time and my sister blurted out that it wasn't actually new. It was used... and that it belonged to my ex-boyfriend!! EW. My mom thought it was pretty funny as well. I guess I was the only one who missed the humor on that one!

Anyways... While we are sleeping on my ex-boyfriend's old mattress in my little sister's room... we have been trying to stay busy and have fun! We have visited all our favorite restaurants numerous times, we are finally watching Friday Night Lights and loving it, and we are hanging out with family and friends!

This past weekend Parks and I ran a 5k with our friends and it was a blast! It was the foam fest and it was filled with muddy and foamy obstacles. My arms, legs, shoulders and butt are very sore and we are all bruised and scraped up from the obstacles, but it was so much fun! Parker's face is all gross and muddy below and he looks like he has some creepy goatee ;)
After the race, it was so nice to just hang out by the fire and chat with old friends!

We are happy to be home :)

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  1. Dear Susan -

    It's been great reading your blog and following your story home ... we have a same adventure planned since we're moving back home next August, even thinking about starting to pick up blogging myself with that as a starting point.

    I wish you loads of luck back home!