20 June 2013

Three Months Until "I Do" & Our Small Metal Box

I am elated that the days are starting to go by faster. I am officially 3 months away from saying "I do" to my best friend and I must say I am one lucky young woman.

As the wedding gets closer, I thought I would share a story that inspired Parker and I to buy this:
 Original Story

The couple from the blog like to give a small metal box with a story inside as a wedding gift. The story is about an older couple who got married with very little money to have a honeymoon. They made a pact that each time they made love, they would put a dollar in the box and save it for their 50th anniversary.

The couple saved and saved and eventually put the money into a savings account and then bought CDs. On their 50th wedding anniversary they were able to have a lavish vacation in Hawaii - all expenses paid! As their own children grew up and got married, they shared this little secret with them and got them their own metal boxes to start saving.

Parker and I thought this was such a fun little way to promote intimacy in our relationship and save for a few big vacations along the way! We are going to put $5 in each time and use it every 10th anniversary.

So go on now, everybody! Go buy a metal box... there has to be a few extra bucks laying around your house somewhere ;)


  1. Oh I love this :) Now to go find me a little box :) How stinking sweet!!!

  2. Sweet and inspiring! Can't wait to share this! Thanks!