29 June 2013

Goodbye Vegas!

Three years ago, Parker and I graduated college and were looking for something "fun" to do.

After a not-so-long walk to the park, we had made up our minds... we were moving to Las Vegas. What could be more "fun" than that?! We were young, we didn't have jobs or much money, or any idea what to do when we arrived in Vegas, but we knew we would make it work. After all, that is the way do things - we are NOT planners.

A couple short months later, our bags were packed, tears were shed and we were out on the road for a cross-country road trip! Vegas or bust was our mentality... and bust we almost did. After our first stop our car broke down and needed a $900 repair to get moving again (which was about one-third of all the money we had to our name).

After seeing Chattanooga, New Orleans, Austin, and Albuquerque we finally arrived in Las Vegas!

Then came the harsh reality:
It was hell for both of us to find jobs and took much longer to get on our feet than we had initially anticipated. We could not have done it without the help of our family - most of all my sister-in-law who let us rent some rooms in her house. We love you, Romy!

Once we did get settled, we were amazed by how much we loved it here. It is here where we got our first "big people" jobs, got engaged, made new and lasting friendships, and created (then disbanded) 3 different businesses -ha! It is here that we learned we could do anything we set our mind to... and we could do it together.

As I sit here, only an hour away from leaving the city we have called home, I am teary-eyed thinking of all I am leaving behind. All the friends, families, and students I have met have given me so many memories that I will keep for a lifetime.

I am anxious to get started on the next chapter of our life together as we look forward to getting married, starting our family, revisiting our old friends and family we have left on the East Coast, and our exciting road trip that starts right about n-o-w!

To all our friends here in Vegas - WE LOVE YOU and we can't wait to come back and visit!
To all our friends and family back East - we love you too and we are on our way!!

Until next time...

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