28 May 2013

Life as of Late

My last days as a teacher at Ober are coming to a close.
I pretty much cry about it once a day :(
While I avoid writing my report cards, I thought I would share some snapshots of what I have been up to lately!

Last weekend I let my family know I was moving home, but it wasn't the only reason I was home! The main reason I visited home for the weekend was for a friend's wedding!

Kristen and Dan are happily married and their wedding was BEAUTIFUL. I got lots of inspiration for my big day.

The happy couple:
 SO freakin' cute!

Friends, <3
Deep in the middle, lookin' real classy ;)

The only downside was that I had to go stag to the wedding, because Parks couldn't make the trip. At least I had a cute outfit!
Jessica Simpson Dress - got at TJMaxx
Franco Sarto sandals

After a whirlwind weekend trip home, I just barely made it through my work week in just enough time to enjoy the long weekend. I went shopping with the sister-in-law, laid out by the pool, drank a few Sam Summers and I was lucky enough to go out to breakfast with Lindsey and her cuter than cute daughter, Lyric. She is a serious goofball and I was able to snap a photo of her that pretty much sums her up:
 Tehehehe. I love silly baby faces.

Lastly, in this random smorgasboard of life, Parks took a picture of me in my usual post-Insanity pose. Armpit sweat, boob sweat, fat-roll sweat... it's all there... me in my glory.
I have been doing this damn workout for more than 2 months and I have only lost 5 pounds.... CMON SEAN T!!!!!!! Where is my whole new bod?! Maybe the Sam Summers have something to do with it....

I gotta whip this booty in to wedding shape!!

Thanks for sticking with me through this rambling post.
 I will be back soon with some road trip plans :)


  1. I have that same dress! I {heart} TJ Maxx! I love me some Sam Summers too!

    Lucky to Be in First

    1. Sounds like we have lots in common, Molly! Ha!