18 May 2013

It's Official... We're Moving Home!!!!!!

I mentioned {here} that Parks and I have been busy, busy, busy and also that we have been hiding a secret.

Well... we've only been hiding it from some of you... namely MY WHOLE FAMILY!

Exactly one month ago, Parker and I decided we are moving back home!!
As many of you know, we have been house hunting here in Vegas for quite some time and as we continued to look for houses we kept asking ourselves the question, "why?" Why are we staying? Well... for one, we have jobs here...and friends here... and it is a lot of work to move cross country. After a long night of talking, we decided the most important thing was to be near our family and we are SO excited about our move! So we planned to surprise my family with the news.

I am home now in MA and I just told my family last night that I was moving home. Parker and I planned it all out as a Mother's Day gift and here's how it went:

I made a card for each of my family members to give to my mom. None of my siblings had any idea what was going on either. They just had to play along.

In each card there was a "reason" and a little gift. They didn't know what the reasons were for until the end.

Tina gave my mom the first card:
This came with a $10 gift card to Bagel World - the best bagel place known to mankind.

Dad gave mom the second card:
Jarvis is our kitty that my parents have been kind enough to watch for a year now. My dad loves Jarvis even though he hates to admit it... so this is a little kitchen magnet I ordered to remind us all how much he loves the little guy.

My sister, Kathleen, was out for the night so John's girlfriend stepped in - Thanks Kathleen!
I have missed the seasons so much! Don't get me wrong, I actually love the weather in Vegas, but I miss having four distinct seasons. Summer being my favorite - so I gave my mom a summer scented candle that I love.

John gave my mom the next reason:
Pretty self explanatory! We do need a new family picture though. I have a feeling we will get plenty at the wedding.

Lastly, was my card:
And under the seat was the picture of the map above!! It was really sweet and played out EXACTLY like I imagined :)

And no worries... I video taped the whole thing for your own viewing pleasure ;)
It was 12:30am when we did this so I apologize for the low lighting!

So, everybody - it's official - we are moving home!!!

I will miss everyone in Vegas, but I am excited to start the new chapter of our lives back home in Massachusetts.

Happy weekend.


  1. What a great reveal! You guys are so cute :)
    I'm in AZ and I have never seen winter or fall...or spring. My husband's from NY and he tells me all the time about how nice it is to have seasons. Wish you all the best!

    1. No winter or spring or FALL?!?! Ohmigoodness, I don't know if I could do it!! Thanks for the sweet wishes, Maribel!

  2. Love the reveal! How sweet :) And your mom's reaction was great!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  3. So cool how you told your parents! I lived in Georgia for a year and so missed the four seasons in New England. I moved back home (NH) and although I don't enjoy the winters I LOVE the other 3 seasons!

    1. I have a feeling I will be feeling the same way!! I am SO not looking forward to winter again :( I have pretty much forgot all about it!

  4. That was so sweet, you made me cry!!!!! I love this so much! Your teacher voice was my favorite lol :)

  5. So so sweet!!! Tears of happiness in my eyes! :) I loved the yelling at the end!
    Teaching With Style

    1. Hahahaha my sister read this and was pumped... she's like "That was ME yelling!!!"

  6. Yay! Of course I don't know ya'll personally but I am excited for you, Parker, and your family! My eyes welled up!

    Bren P. @ The Teacher Diaries

  7. SO SO sweet!! Loved the reaction!!

  8. Susan this was so creative! You are definitely making the right decision even though you will be missed! :)
    from Well, Michelle?

  9. What an amazing surprise!!!! :) Good luck with the big move!

  10. Awwww - that is SO fun!!! Loved every second!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  11. Oh my gosh, that is the SWEETEST thing ever! I may or may not have cried! haha

    Surviving the Little People